A consortium to study the basis of a numerical modeling tool of city

Coordinator CSTB
CNRM-GAME contact Grégoire PIGEON
Project web site
Funding MEDM
Start date 23-12-2009
Duration 4 years


Study and develop first elements that will be used for a numerical modeling tool of city.

 CNRM-GAME contribution

TURBAU’s team will be involved into the 3 following items :

  • Hydrology and meteorology coupling at city scale
  • Energy at building scale and meteorology coupling
  • Automatic production of input surface parameters from a GIS database

 Project description

VILLE NUMERIQUE is a joint effort of 12 laboratories from PST Paris Est, funded by French Research Innovation Services. Through expertise sharing, the goal is to study and develop first elements that will be used for a numerical modeling tool of city.

VILLE NUMERIQUE consortium will study city physical processes, such as traffic, acoustic, aerolic, hydrology and meteorology. Environment indicators will also be explored to by the consortium, in order to evaluate the impact of the above physical processes on the city : energy demand, greenhouse gases, air quality, mobility, pollutant and water fluxes.

Some virtual reality functionalities will also be studied, in order to propose, in a future tool, interactive simulations and visualization of results within a 3D environment.


  1. CSTB, Division Modélisation et Environnements Virtuels Enrichis (MOD-EVE)
  2. CSTB, Département Acoustique et Éclairage (DAE)
  3. ENPC, Centre d’Enseignement et de Recherche en Environnement Atmosphérique (CEREA)
  4. ENPC, Laboratoire Eau Environnement et Systèmes Urbain (LEESU)
  5. ENPC - CSTB, équipe Images, Apprentissage et Géométrie pour la Numérisation de l’Environnement (IMAGINE)
  6. IGN, Laboratoire « Méthodes d’Analyses pour le Traitement d’Images et la Stéréorestitution» (MATIS)
  7. IGN, Laboratoire « Conception Objet et Généralisation de l’Information Topographique» (COGIT)
  8. INRETS, Laboratoire Ingénierie Circulation Transports (LICIT)
  9. INRETS, Laboratoire Transport et Environnement (LTE)
  10. INRETS, Laboratoire des Technologies Nouvelles (LTN)
  11. LCPC, Division Eau et Environnement (EAU)
  12. MÉTÉO FRANCE, Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques (CNRM)