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Technical and coding aspects

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Description technique du cycle d’assimilation d’ALADIN/France (2005) (Systems and operations)

Tuesday 21 June 2005
This document (in French) was published in June 2005 by Claude Fischer, Thibaut Montemerle and Valerie Mathiot. It aims to present the assimilation suite of ALADIN/FRANCE (technical aspects and OLIVE). Contents : scientific choices detailed sequences and comments acquisition of the (...)

Source navigator, Namelist Documentation Base, Operational files (2004) (Coding, phasing, porting)

January 2004
These documents are only available for intramet users. Source navigator on-line Namelist Documentation Base Information on files from operational and double suites, in French operational files (FAQ for developers) : Fichiers opérationnels : tout ce que vous voulez savoir pour cesser de le (...)

Coding standards for ARPEGE/IFS/ALADIN (2003) (Coding, phasing, porting)

November 2003
NWP software, which is often used for both operations and research, aims to be homogenous, portable, modifiable and maintained with much flexibility and ease. This represents a lot of constraints, to be shared by all participants. While the computing environment of the ARPEGE/IFS software was (...)

Les différents types de projection utilisés dans ALADIN (2002) (Projections, grids and model resolutions)

June 2002
Projections in ALADIN by Jean-Daniel Gril, June 2002 : the different projections in ALADIN : secantes, tangentes, stereographic, polaire, ... the formulae Annex : Lambert(1) and Lambert(2)

SURGERY : to determine a gaussian reduced grid (1999) (Projections, grids and model resolutions)

This procedure "surgery" is determining the number of longitudes for each latitude of a gaussian reduced grid, defined by : the number of latitudes NDGL, the maximum number of longitudes NDLON, the truncation NSMAX. The job is split in 2 parts : first part is the computation of the Legendre (...)

SUBGRID : to define parameters of an ALADIN subgrid (1999) (Projections, grids and model resolutions)

This procedure defines the two corners (SW and NE) of a subgrid Aladin, given : the native grid parameters, the approximative SW subgrid corner (in degrees) : ZLONU & ZLATU the number of points of the subgrid (for C+I) : IDLUXU & IDGUXU The files location is on andante: (...)

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