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Proposal for the implementation of LESIDG in ALADIN (Oct 06) (Dynamics)

Tuesday 17 October 2006
In this memo we (Pierre Bénard and Karim Yessad) choose, among several possible methods, one practical method for implementing in Aladin the LESIDG functionality, that is, the possibility of using a SI scheme with a non-uniform version of the linearized map-factor. The algorithms for the chosen (...)

General introduction and description of the SLHD : Semi-Lagrangian Horizontal Diffusion (March 2006) (Dynamics)

Monday 29 May 2006
This general introduction and description of the SLHD was written by Filip Vana in March 2006. It contains also simple user’s guide. For advanced readers there is a tutorial for an individual scheme retuning.

Changing in spectral horizontal diffusion tuning from CY29t1 (Feb 2005) (Dynamics)

Monday 22 May 2006
This article by Filip Vana (written in February 2005) explains the new fashion of the spectral horizontal diffusion tuning. It has been implemented to the model cycle CY29T1. Since that time no HDIR[x] coefficients are accepted by code. There is also no need any longer to recompute horizontal (...)

Extension of the equations for a moist precipitating atmosphere to mass-based coordinates in various contexts (2005) (Dynamics)

Monday 19 September 2005
This is a provisionnal version on 19 September 2005 : please send any comments to Pierre Bénard (you can use the forum linked to this article). This paper derives the equations for a moist precipitating atmosphere in mass coordinate. The starting point is the paper by Sylvie Malardel on the (...)

Consistency check with the ARPEGE/ALADIN hydrostatic equations (2005) (Dynamics)

Friday 24 June 2005
This is a provisionnal version written in June 2005 : please send any comments to Sylvie Malardel of Jean-François Geleyn (you can use the forum linked to this article). Initialy, the hydrostatic equations used in the NWP model ARPEGE/ALADIN where designed for a synoptic scale forecasting (...)

The non parametrised continuous equations at finite scale in the case of a multiple system (2005) (Dynamics)

Friday 24 June 2005
This is a provisionnal version, working document : please send any comments to Sylvie Malardel, Jean-François Geleyn or Pierre Bénard (you can use the forum linked to this article). In the paper, the authors (Sylvie Malardel, Jean-François Geleyn and Pierre Bénard) consider a multiphase system of (...)

Study of the VFE discretisation in view of NH modeling (2004) (Dynamics)

Tuesday 7 December 2004
This paper written be Pierre Bénard in December 2004 is a working document, which can serve as a starting basis for discussions between ECMWF and Météo-France about the extension of the current IFS Vertical Finite Elements (VFE) scheme to NH modelling. The current VFE discretisation introduced in (...)

Horizontal diffusion Scientific documentation : design and scaling of ARPEGE diffusions (2002) (Dynamics)

Thursday 11 July 2002
This document written by Pierre Bénard summarizes the principles for implementing an horizontal diffusion in a stretched model and lists the problems encountered in the development and validation of HDF scheme, and its current status. One of the goals is to have a written material in order to (...)

Transform library for ARPEGE/IFS and ALADIN (2002) (Dynamics)

June 2002
Two documents present the new transform library from cycle23 : a document from Mats Hamrud (June 2002) decribes the new transform library in ARPEGE/IFS: as from cycle 23r4, the spectral transforms have been broken out of the IFS to form a separate library, the source residing in its own VOB. (...)

Le non-hydrostatisme pour les débutants (in French, June 2000) (Dynamics)

Tuesday 6 June 2000
Document in French published by Pierre Bénard on 9 June 2000. Ce court document s’adresse a ceux qui veulent comprendre d’une manière simple: ce qu’est l’hydrostatisme ce qu’est le non-hydrostatisme pourquoi et comment cela peut etre important quel rapport cela a avec la prévision (...)

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