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EDF or EDitFiles : to convert ALADIN grid-point fields into ASCII files (2007) (PINUTS)

Thursday 1 March 2007
Link to EDF documentation VERSION 3.0 of 2007/03/01 (by J-D GRIL)

ARPEGE/ALADIN files : documentation of physic rows (in French, April 2006) (Files and data)

Tuesday 2 May 2006
This documentation describes the scientific contents of the rows written in operational files by ARPEGE/ALADIN models : definition, unit, calculation, etc ... cloudiness precipitations diagnostics index of variables ... It was written in June 2005 by Jean-Marcel Piriou. It is in French. La (...)

PROGRID and GOBPTOUT : new files convertion (2004) (Files and data)

Wednesday 15 December 2004
Documentation of Jean-Marc Audoin about new files convertion in December 2004 : from FullPos (lat/lon) format to GRIB format : PROGRID from ARPEGE format to GRIB format : GOBPTOUT

"FA" subroutines or the ARPEGE/ALADIN files package (2004) (Files and data)

Wednesday 21 July 2004
Through "ARPEGE/ALADIN files" one points out the main kind of files used to interface programms of the ARPEGE/ALADIN suite, that is to say : guess and primary results from analysis ; initial conditions (to start only) and primary outputs from the forecasting model or its initialization ; input (...)

What is PALADIN ? (2002) (PINUTS)

October 2002
By Jean-Daniel Gril (October 2002 ) Paladin is for Portable Auxillary Library And Development tools for aladIN. This project contains : a portable version of FA/LFI library a portable version of EGGX (new and old) library a portable version of my tools modules a portable version of my (...)

The LFI file access library (2002) (Files and data)

June 2002
The LFI library is used to manipulate direct-access model files at Météo-France. It is currently used for the native files of Arpège, Aladin and Méso-NH models, and for Arpège/Aladin ancillary files (climatologies, postprocessing, Aladin coupling). Arpège/Aladin use an overlayer of LFI called the FA (...)

LAMFLAG_ODB : to provide an input ODB to run 3DVAR screening in ALADIN (2001) (ODB : Observational DataBase)

Friday 28 September 2001
Recent tests showed that without any modifications in the code the only way to run 3DVAR screening in ALADIN 15 is to provide an input ODB containing only reports inside the C+I zone. At present the creation of this input ODB is done in two steps. In the first step the whole ODB is scanned (...)

LFA Autodocumented Files Software (2001) (Files and data)

February 2001
The present AFS software (LFA in french, Logiciel de Fichiers Autodocumentés) is designed to read or write real, integer or character arrays, on portable files (IEEE binairies), will a portable code. Articles in the files are accessed through their name. The underlying idea of this software is (...)

ASCS : to make vertical cross sections of ARPEGE/ALADIN fields (2000) (Files and data)

Sommaire OVERLOOK INPUT/OUTPUT METHOD DESCRIPTION OF INPUT NAMELISTS EXAMPLE As a complement to CHAGAL, ASCS is a program to make vertical cross sections of fields from ALADIN or even ARPEGE. Those who have been to the COMPARE/PYREX workshop must have seen many (...)

FRODO : to read header and contents of an ALADIN or FULLPOS file (1999) (PINUTS)

April 1999
FRODO program was developped by Jean-Daniel Gril. It reads files in FA format and extracts header datas from them, with ASCII output format. These datas contain geographicals parameters, dates, levels ..., and the list of fields inside the file. Link to FRODO (...)

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