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4-points spline option for the semi-Lagrangian interpolation (February 2005) (Dynamics)

Wednesday 24 May 2006
This is documentation was written by Filip Vana in February 2005 about the new option for the semi-Lagrangian interpolation: 4-points spline. It is supposed to be more precise and accurate than the current default interpolation requiring almost the same CPU consumption. The only problem seems (...)

4D-VAR script documentation (2002, in French) (Variational)

July 2002
This 4D-Var documentation was written in July 2002 by Gérald Desroziers et Pascale Riber. It is in French. Guide d’utilisation Installation du script Définition et lancement d’une expérience Formalisme général Assimilation 4D-Var Assimilation 3D-Var FGAT Structure du script Arbre des appels (...)

2000 - Realization of a simplified, differentiable and realistic physical parametrization for incremental four-dimensional variational data assimilation (Variational)

June 2000
A complete set of the simplified physical parametrizations has been developed for incremental 4D-Var assimilation system. It contains a simplified computation of radiative fluxes, vertical turbulent diffusion, orographic gravity waves, deep convection and stratiform precipitation fluxes. The (...)

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