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ClearCase manual (May 2007)
Article published on 21 May 2007

This easy ClearCase Manual in 7 lessons and exercises was proposed by Ryad El Khatib in November 2000 and updated in May 2007.

This document has been written in order to help people to use ClearCase.

Experience seems to show that the most efficient solution to start with ClearCase would be to learn a few basic commands and to practice as soon as possible with exercises.

Trying to follow this idea, this manual is composed of 7 lessons and exercises.

These exercises are very important : they are designed as a part of the lessons :

  • Lesson and exercise nr 1: What is ClearCase ? What is it for ? Prepare your environment
  • Lesson and exercise nr 2 : How to reach the code within ClearCase ?
  • Lesson and exercise nr 3 : Visiting the code
  • Lesson and exercise nr 4 : Preparation of a personal view
  • Lesson and exercise nr 5 : Making a modification in the code
  • Lesson and exercise nr 6 : Controls of the modifications of a branch
  • Lesson and exercise nr 7 : Elaboration of a compile file

Once used to the basic ClearCase commands, you are now gently invited to read the manual TRANSPARENT USE OF CLEARCASE, document written by GCO in 1998.