NEMO-GELATO sources managment

How to retrieve NEMO/GELATO code from the opensource git server and how to compile the model

Article mis en ligne le 23 septembre 2016
dernière modification le 14 mars 2019

par voldoire
  • Access to the CNRM open-source server 

You need to subscribe to the server by clicking on register (right left). When you have registered, ask an admisnistrator for the access to the NEMO-CM project (via a mail to the administrators,, and send us your ssh key for the machine where you want to access to the git server.

  • Retrieve the code
 git clone --recursive ssh:// . 

This will create a local git repositery in a directory called NEMO-CM that includes the NEMO code and the GELATO code.

  • Code compilation

To compile in NEMOGCM/CONFIG

 compilnemo -n ORCA1_GLT_CPL -m CM6b2_cpl_xios1442-shuffle -j 40 

CM6b2_cpl_xios1442-shuffle is a compilation environment described in NEMOGCM/ARCH/CNRM/arch-CM6b2_cpl_xios1442-shuffle.fcm. If you need to use a new compiler, a new xios version and/or machine, the best is to create a new arch file and to use its name in the compilation command.

If you want to compile a specific version of the code, you need to checkout on GELATO and NEMO respective depository.
For instance if you want to create a binary with commit 403faa1e1876a36ce7c6dd23 for NEMO and 37be737c236c8d0 for GELATO, do :

git checkout 403faa1e1876a36ce7c6dd23
git checkout 37be737c236c8d0