GELATO Compilation
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par voldoire

CMIP5 simulations are based on version 5.30

  • Create a Gelato directory.
  • Copy the directory of the desired GELATO version from tori ~mrgu552/Gelato, in this directory. Copy the directory ~mrgu552/Gelato/TOOLS, in the same directory.
  • Add to your $HOME/.profile the line

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/Gelato/TOOLS

and source it.

  • Check that the machine is defined in the file mach_table.txt in the TOOLS directory.
  • To compile, go to the GELATO version directory desired (or a sub-directory) and type comp_glt.
    Since the change in default fortran compiler on tori, the default compiler is not compatible with the NEMO compiler. Thus to enable the linking with NEMO (when compiling NEMO), you have to do
    export SX_BASE_F90=/SX/opt/sxf90/rev400-ia64
    export PATH=${SX_BASE_F90}/bin:$PATH
    before compiling GELATO so as to ensure the compatibility with NEMO.
  • In case you have added a new source file, add the file in the GELATOVV/SCRIPTS/ script.

NB : You have to re-calculate dependencies when changing the computer hosting GELATO.

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