Working with other accounts on HPC and on the storage system

Use parameter OTHER_ACCOUNT, and environment variable CM_FTOPTIONS

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From ECLIS 6.4 :

  • Charging CPU on another account for a whole simulation is easy, if your user is allowed for that ; just tell which one, at experiment setup stage, by setting parameter OTHER_ACCOUNT in you param_ file, as e.g. in OTHER_ACCOUNT=mgie. This stores a variable of the same name in the _his file. You may toggle the use of this alternate account by modifying variable USE_OTHER_ACCOUNT in the _his file (allowed values are ’yes’ and ’no’)
  • Saving files on archive machine under antoher account is possible, provided that you have setup the relevant passwords in the relevant place (e.g. using ftmotpasse on Beaufix) ; you drive the use of this account by modifying, for the relevant jobs, the environment variable CM_FTOPTIONS (which is used as an argument to the file transfer commands - both for put and get) ; you may modify this variable either :
    • quite permanently in your /.bash_profile ; this will apply to all running experiments
    • or for one experiment only :
      • either by manually editing the experiment configuration file and inserting FTGETOPT=" -u mgie003" and FTPUTOPT=" -u mgie003"
      • or at the experiment setup stage by adding in your param file : INSTALL_ADD='echo FTGETOPT=\" -u mgie003\" >> $RELEXP/$EXPID.conf  ; echo FTPUTOPT=\" -u mgie003\" >> $RELEXP/$EXPID.conf'

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