CNRM-CM5.2 control simulation

You can find here an atlas of the CNRM-CM5.2 control simulation and a comparison to the former version control run

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CNRM-CM5.2 : modifications since CNRM-CM5.1

 Water/salt conservation + Real salt flux between NEMO/GELATO (see article)
 Aerosol forcing from a new LMDZ-INCA simulation (Szopa et al., 2012) = debug
 Solar constant 1365W.m-2 (instead of 1361W.m-2)
 Reduced background volcanic aerosol forcing


A 300 years spin-up simulation has been run before starting a control simulation, a 1%CO2 and an historical simulations.

You can find here 2 atlas for this new control simulation, called CPICTL, calculated over 50 years after 100 years of the control simulation (i.e. after 400 years since the restart from Levitus)
 ATLAS of CPICTL versus PICTL (CNRM-CM5.1 control, after 100 years too)

From the Atlas, it can be seen that the atmospheric state is quite similar between the two simulations. The main difference resides in the removing of the salt/water drift and a modified ocean salinity that resulted in an increase of the sea-ice extent especially in summer in the southern hemisphere. Finally, there is a clear improvement of the mass transport at the Drake passage from 87Sv to 133Sv (Cunningham et al (2003) estimate is 137Sv).

Table summarising the drifts

Sea Level (m/century) 3D Salinity (psu/century) 3D Temperature (°C/century)
CNRM-CM5.1 -0.21 -0.011 +0.036
CNRM-CM5.2 +0.01 -0.0002 -0.022

Results on machine beaufix

The CPICTLbx experiment has been run on MF-Bullx machine ’beaufix’. Its initial state corresponds to year 1850 of CPICTL. The atlas of differences for the atmosphere shows small departures between the two experiments, which can be explained by the differences in initial state. A further experiment will allow to investigate this assumption.