Changes in ECLIS from V5.5 to V5.7

Plugins and Medit coupled runs !

Article mis en ligne le 26 septembre 2012
dernière modification le 31 octobre 2012

par senesi

V5.5 to 5.7 of ECLIS stabilized and tested some standard plugins, for team-wide customization of scripts (including Mediterranean coupled runs). It allows for LIM, forcing cycling, and simplifies ocean forcing description

The following ECLIS basic modifications occurred :

  • all experiment installations scripts merged in a single one named ’install’ (separate scripts still work in these versions, but will not be maintained further)
  • debugging and testing standard V5.4 plugins
    • atm_lbc_nudging in LAM (lbc) configuration
    • oce_lbc_nudging in regioanl ocean model configuration and global nudging configuration
    • atm_post in global and Cordex configurations
  • testing less standard plugins : ocean bio-geo-chem, atmospheric chemistry,a nd atmospheric aerosols
  • introduce the possibility to cycle forcings (for spin-up cases ; syntax is SCYC_YYY1_YYY2)
  • enable the use of Sea-Ice model LIM in coupled or ocean-only modes
  • handle ice restarts re-build (same way as Nemo restarts)
  • enable not using any Sea-Ice model
  • enable not using the Nemo xml-format-file for specifying diags
  • when (re-)installing an experiment, it is now possible to skip installing restarts, for speed-up (this is however a bit dangerous)
  • move damping/nudging matters from script_nemo to plugin oce_lbc_nudging
  • Nemo-expected forcing filenames are seeked in Nemo namelist
  • file transfer directory is created if needed (allow to easily re-run a very old experiment)
  • prepare for running Surfex V7
  • file transfer with cougar use options as set in your envrionment variable CM_FTOPTIONS ; this allows to use port 51000 for constant password (set it to "-h cougar:51000")
  • in coupled mode, archive files transfer lists ’ftputice’ and ’ftputriv’, in order to track a very rare bug : sometimes the first Gelato and Trip outputs files are lost. Please report such cases

The following ECLIS internal modifications occurred :

  • all information from ’param_’ file is now copied (even as a comment only) in the ’.conf’ file ; this allows to record where the namelists and initial restarts come from ...
  • tools which are architecture-dependant (binaries such as ’datres’) are no more copied in the ’toolbox’ directory , but only referenced there through a symbolic link
  • define a set of bash functions for installation, in file instexp_funcs
  • add function SUBM (multiple substitute) in
  • fix a bug in restarts cleaning when EXPID includes dots