Standard plugins

Want to nudge both atmosphere and ocean ? To run Aladin ? To post-process the EAC way ? To run regionally and coupled over the Mediterranean ? Learn more about ECLIS standard plugins

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Plugins are sets of shell-script commands that ECLIS can take into account during CNRM-CM experiment runs, in order to perform actions atop of the strict running of the coupled or atmosphere-only or ocean-only scripts. A number of such plugins implements features which are of common interest and are stable enough to be hosted in ECLIS ; they are maintained by the teams most involved in their use.

Plugins are avilable from version 5.4 of ECLIS

As of today, the standard plugins (which are quite deeply tested) are :

  • atm_post, which handles the kind of atmospheric post-processing which is usually done in team EAC, either for global runs or LAM runs (e.g. for Cordex) .
  • atm_lbc_nudging, which allows to provide a limited area atmospheric model run with evolving lateral boundary conditions ; it also allows to provide a global or limited area simulation with nudging data
  • oce_lbc_nudging, which provides the same facility for Nemo
  • cpl_medit : which uses the plugins above to implement a regional version of the coupled model

Other plugins have been designed and tested but are not yet provided as standard plugins :

  • carbon : which allows to feed the atmosphere with Carbon content flux computed by PISCES ocean-bio-geochemistry model, and to run the model TOP. See Roland S.
  • chemistry : which allows to manage an Arpege ou coupled run using a chemical scheme-enabled Arpege see David St-M.
  • chemistry_aerosols : same with aerosols in addition. See Martine M.

Others are planned :

  • grisli : which allows slow coupling between CNRM-CM and the GRISLI Greenland Ice Sheet model

You can use one or more of it as is, just quoting their basenames in the PLUGINS parameter of your experiment, and additionally providing (through your experiment param_ file) the values for their specific parameters. Please note that the ’PLUGINS’ parameter is a string holding a list of blank separated plugin filenames ;. Example : PLUGINS="atm_lbc atm_nudging"

When using a common plugin, you will refer to the documentation at top of the plugin code file for knowing which parameters to set, and how.

You can also use your own, modified, version of a standard plugin and then quote its full pathname in the PLUGINS param string, as in PLUGINS="~richon/myplugins/mypostpro" ; when designing or modifying a plugin, you may be interested in ECLIS Plugins : tuning CNRM-CM to your needs. However, it may make more sense to request some improvements to a standard plugin if this matches a shared need.

Please note that a plugin scope is limited to the script sequences necessary at installation and execution stage, and does not include for instance building or running the binaries for preparing lateral boundary conditions for an Aladin run

The code of standard plugins is stored in directory ’plugins’ of the version of ECLIS you are using. You can access one version of the code of these plugins through ftp by indicating your tori user in this URL :

Old versions, probably obsolete, are attached below, for information. When actually preparing the use of such a plugin, please refer to the actual version you will be using

Examples of experiment definition parameter files for experiments invoking plugins are provided in directory ’testing’ of ECLIS (see relevant page for location, or see brother directory ’plugins/tori’ using the ftp URL above)

For inspecting the actual script after plugins inclusion you can install your experiment using the special sequence CM_SUBMIT_METHOD="--submitcmd=echo" ./param_EXPID , and then look a the content of the mtool ’depot’ directory which name will be displayed

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