Breaks in Eclis upward compatibility
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The recommended way for safe simulations is that you will never change the Eclis version used by a given simulation.

On the other hand, when designing a new simulation, you generally can move to a newer Eclis version because it will bring fixes, and also because Eclis devlopers work hard at providing upward compatibility

However, there are a few occurrences of broken upward compatibility, which can imply that the user changes some parts of his usual parameter files when changing Eclis version

  • version 6.40
    • discontinued launching a series of CMIP6 specifics post-processing in step For restoring these post-processing, you must set UPOSTPRO=$ECLIS/toolbox/
    • does not provide anymore the binaries which update Arpege and Surfex restarts with a new reference date ; you must set DATRES and DATSFXRES for that, and use the version of binaries from Arpege-Climat >= 6.4.1 (even when using an older Arpege or Surfex) , as e.g. :
      • DATRES=~alias/public/packs/arp604_export.01.IMPI512IFC1601.2cz/bin/datres
      • DATSFXRES=~alias/public/packs/arp604_export.01.IMPI512IFC1601.2cz/bin/datsfxres

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