Changes with Eclis V6.39 - UPOSTPRO, ASSEMBLE_MAX_SIZE
Article mis en ligne le 1er février 2019

par senesi

Install mode -tdr uses Data Request 28 if environment variable DR==28

Introduce two ECLIS parameters :

  • ASSEMBLE_MAXSIZE (MBytes) for driving the grouping of diagnostic files by (instead of using a split_freq file) ; for consistency, user should take care that max_file_size_in_floats (in dr2xml settings) is not larger than ASSEMBLE_MAXSIZE. Nota : si ASSEMBLE_MAXSIZE désigne un fichier, on retombe sur le comportement précédent : ce fichier est supposé être de type "split_freq.dat" et pilote le découpage temporel des assemblages
  • UPOSTPRO : allow for a user postprocessing step ; value is a script name (which can also be exported by ; the script is executed in the directory which hosts assembled files and can change file contents (e.g. edit metadata)

And also :

  • :
    • introduce args USER_HENDRIX and USER_FTPUT
    • allow to set IOXKEEPDIR through env variable (for cases annual data files were moved)
    • allow to skip nctime and PrePARE (arg -Q)
    • add timing info info for ncrcat, ftput ...
    • enforces spelling of ocnBgchem for tables E*
    • removes variable ’area’ from datafiles of experiment OMIP
    • execute fix_parent_label also for *abrupt*