Main tasks


In order to reach the above objectives, VURCA project will be split into 5 main tasks and few subtasks as summarized in the table below .

Task 0 Project coordination
Task 1 Improve the TEB urban climate model

-1a Modelling the urban green space in TEB

-1b The air conditioning module

-1c The thermal index of human body
Task 2 Improving the NEDUM-1D urban development economic model
Task 3 Assessing city vulnerability to heat waves events

-3a Simulating Paris urban climate for several synthetic heat waves

-3b Building the urban heat wave seriousness indicator

-3c Analyzing the path of the urban heat wave indicator in the future climate
Task 4 Defining city adaptation strategies

-4a Building adaptation measures

-4b Urban structure adaptation strategies

-4c Economic and structural characteristics of the adaptation scenarios
Task 5 Evaluating the benefits from development and adaptation strategies

-5a Simulating heat waves according to adaptation strategies

-5b Defining an indicator for the city vulnerability to heat waves

-5c Key insights and policy implications