Keys of C-precompilation

  • For the different possible types of I/O files:

Until before v7, to manage the types of i/o files not present in certain configurations, some dummy files were needed.

Now, keys of precompilation (1 by type of files) are used.

When, in the code, there is a reference to a particular type of file, lines must be framed by :

#ifdef SFX_ASC


for example for the ASC format.

Keys associated to I/O types are SFX_ASC, SFX_TXT, SFX_BIN, SFX_OL, SFX_LFI, SFX_FA, SFX_MNH, SFX_ARO, SFX_NC.

  • For GELATO:

Not to require GELATO files from the coupled part, it’s needed to compile with the key -Din_surfex.

  • For OASIS:

To compile OASIS in surfex offline, the key SFXOASIS is used.