Developments organization

The trunk part is reserved to the Surfex team and contains the evolution of the main version of Surfex.
Between two official releases, scientific developments are integrated by the Surfex team in a branch DEV. Thus, the trunk part contains the last official version with the bugs corrections between two official releases. The user that gets the main version from SVN gets the last debugged version.

Each developer is invited to create his own branch and to keep up to date his developments in SVN. It would be preferable that each developer had himself 2 branches, a branch DEV and a branch BUG.

When somebody finds a bug, he notifies it to the Surfex team. The bug is then corrected in the trunk part ; an information e-mail is sent to the Surfex list and the contents of the bug is detailed on this page of the Surfex site.

Developments sent by e-mail are not accepted.

It’s also asked to developers to use STRATO to test their developments.
It aims at avoiding the insertion of not mature developments into an official version.