4) Update the modifications of the code on the website

  • To update a file on the website svn :

svn commit -m "description of the changes" file.F90

=> each change is indexed with a number of revision. If several files are commited together, they all have the same number of revision.

  • Basic commands :
    • svn add file.F90 => adds a file
    • svn delete file.F90 => deletes a file
    • svn copy file.F90 file2.F90 => copies a file
    • svn move file.F90 file2.F90 => moves a file
    • svn mkdir rep => makes a new directory
  • Each of theses commandes, to be taken into account, has to be followed by :

svn commit -m "description of modifications"

  • To update local version with svn last version :

svn update