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Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques, UMR3589, Météo-France & CNRS


Mesoscale Meteorology Department

Urban Climate

42, Av. G. Coriolis

31057 Toulouse Cedex 1, France

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The TEB model is now open-source and available on the website:


URBAN CLIMATE : Cities create their own micro-climate : the so-called Urban Heat Island. This effect can either be good or bad (increasing the risk in case of heat waves for example). The urban climate is known since 1822 with the works from Luke Howard over London, but the community working on this topic, much smaller than the one on air quality for example, formed relatively late, in the 1970s, with the works of Oke, and modelling of the urban surface and urban micro-climate started around year 2000. The CAPITOUL campaign I coordinated was dedicated to the observation of the urban climate and aerosol-dynamics interactions over Toulouse. The Town Energy Balance scheme I developed is one of the first of surface schemes dedicated to urban surfaces. Validated against several measurement campaigns, it allows to reproduce urban climate features in high resolution atmospheric models, and is now incorporated in the French operational NWP model. In July2015, I organized in Toulouse with Aude Lemonsu the 9th International Conference on Urban Clumate (ICUC9), where approximately 550 scientists from 60 countries participated (

CITIES AND CLIMATE CHANGE : Current Climate change is confirmed by the IPCC experts to be caused by the human activities, especially greenhouses gazes. Interactions of Climate Heating with cities are important, both because fossil energy consumption by human activities in cities greatly contribute to emissions, and because cities, where now most people live, and some economic activities are particularly vulnerable to modifications of weather due to this climate change. One can cite for example the 2003 heat wave in France and its health consequences and high casualties in Paris and other urban areas. The research team in CNRM is involved in the (mostly numerical) study of these interactions, at the scale of the century, between climate change, growing cities and technology or inhabitants way of life evolution. This is done in collaboration with economics, social scientist, architects and urban planners. Some of the questions that we address are : what influences the urban growth and what could be the possible city expansion ? What are the impact of these interactions in term of urban climate, energy consumption, CO2 budget, in-city renewable energy production, inhabitants comfort ? ...

I coordinates the "Paris 2024 Olympics Research Demonstration Project" of the World Meteorological Organization. Meteorological centers and universities of 10 countries participate to this project, in order to contribute to the numerical weather forecasting systems of the future, down to the scale of the neighborhoods. (

TURBULENCE & ATMOSPHERIC MODELING : Weather is influenced by a large range of physical phenomenon and energy equilibriums. The energy of the earth in general and the atmosphere in particular comes from the Sun. It heats the earth surface that in turn returns, through complex mechanisms, its energy to and put into motion the atmosphere. In the first kilometers of the atmosphere, the induced instabilities result in turbulent motions, that tend to transport the surface influence higher in the atmosphere. This turbulent zone is called the Boundary Layer. Clouds are often present in or at the top of the Boundary Layer (e.g. fog, stratocumulus, cumulus) because water is evaporated from the sea or by the vegetation. The modelling of these exchanges in atmospheric models is difficult because of the chaotic nature of turbulent flows and the heterogeneity of the boundary layer. I work on turbulent schemes, that aim to represent the effect of turbulence on the flow, temperature and clouds. A new boundary layer thermal (well known from sailplane pilots) and shallow cumulus scheme (Pergaud et al 2009) as been developed in the team using Large Eddy Simulation modelling. It has been developed using Large Eddy Simulation modelling. It improves the wind and clouds forecasts in the new Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) 2km resolution of Meteo-France. More generally, I am interested in the boundary layer flows, as for example urban boundary layer (see below), marine boundary layer, orographic effects and modelling of vegetation canopy/turbulence interactions.

SURFACE-VEGETATION-ATMOSPHERE TRANSFER MODELS : Energy, water and mass exchanges between the surface (vegetation, deserts, sea, cities, etc...) drive the first meters of the atmosphere, that in turn influences (first through turbulent processes, see above) the atmosphere above. These exchanges are a lot variable in space and time, depending on diurnal cycle (especially over continent) and surface cover type. Vegetation and Surface schemes are dedicated to simulate these exchanges at the bottom of atmospheric models. I work in order to improve these schemes for a wide range of meteorological applications : the 1km ecoclimap database on the globe allows to initialise the cover type, and vegetation and soil characteristics for any atmospheric or climate model. It is evolutive to take into account future needs of surface schemes, as for plant growth simulation. I also integrated the surface schemes 1 themselves into the SURFEX software, that can be used either coupled to several research, NWP or climate models, but also used alone for surface research on surfaces processes or coupled to hydrological models.

  PhD Student supervision

Main supervisor

- Aude Lemonsu, 2000-2003: ’Modeling of surface processes and boundary layer in urban areas’

- Séverine Tomas, 2003-2006: ’Modeling and experimental study of the turbulence in the atmospheric boundary layer’

- Julia Hidalgo, 2005-2008: ’An observational, numerical and theoretical approach to the daytime urban-breeze circulation in Inland Cities’

- Julien Pergaud, 2005-2008: ’Study and Parametrization of the turbulence and boundary layer clouds’

- Rachel Honnert, 2009-2012: ’which turbulence in atmospheric models at the kilometric scale?’

- Julien Le Bras, 2012-2015 : ’High Resolution Urban climate : measurements & modelling’

- Emilie Redon, 2013-2017 : ’Modeling of urban vegetation as a thermal regulator and management of water resources’

- Quentin Rodier, 2014-2017 : ’Parameterization of the atmospheric turbulence in the stable boundary layer over rough terrain’

- Maxime Daniel, 2014-2017 : ’City, urban climate and climate change: study of interactions and evaluation of adaptation strategies using a coupled climate modelling approach. ’

- Marine Goret, 2016-2019 : ’Numerical study of city adaptation strategies to reduce the Urban Heat Island and CO2 emissions. ’

- Pierre-Antoire Joulin 2016-2019 : ’Modelling of windfarms - Efficiency and environmental Impact. ’

- Zahra Mhedhbi 2016- : ’Adaptation of cities of the south to climate change: which tools for urban planning? ’

- Guillaume Dumas 2017- : ’Development of the urban heat island’s measurement network and elaboration of new trails for data exploitation by the stakeholders. ’

- Eva Marquès 2019- : ’Contribution of crowdsourced data fusion and artificial intelligence to improve urban climate description ’

- Erwan Jezequel 2019- : ’Modelling and analysis of wind turbines wakes in real atmospheric conditions: from Large Eddy simulation to engineering models.’

- Arnaud Forster 2021- : ’Hectometric resolution weather forecast for extreme meteorological events in cities: application to 2024 Paris Olympic Games.’


- Grégoire Pigeon, 2004-2007: ’The surface-atmosphere exchanges in urban areas - ESCOMPTE-UBL and CAPITOUL projects’

- Irina Sandu, 2005-2008: ’Impact of the aerosol on the life-cycle of boundary layer clouds’

- Emilie Perraud, 2007-2010: ’Parameterization of subgrid-scale condensation and improvement of the representation of clouds in AROME and MesoNH models’

- Benjamin Aouizerats, 2007-2010: ’Impact of the urban aerosol on the dynamics of the urban climate’

- Laura Pinson, 2013-2016: ’Analysis and representation of heat wave events in dense urban areas’

  Peer-reviewed publications

Submitted papers

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