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This website allow us to compare the IASI data collected by Meteo France (local) and by EUMETSAT (global). You have access to global maps and graphics of cloud fraction, cloud classification (MAIA and SEVIRI), brightness temperature and the noise equivalent differential temperature (NEDT). This website was developed in the frame of the NWPSAF project.

What is IASI ?

IASI is the main payload instrument for the purpose of supporting Numerical Weather Prediction. It provides information on the vertical structure of the atmospheric temperature and humidity in an unprecedented accuracy of 1 K and a vertical resolution of 1 km, which is needed to decisively improve NWP. The use of Metop data in NWP accounts for 40% of the impact of all space based observations in NWP forecasts. clic here to see more

The CMS (Centre de Météorologie Spatiale)

The CMS is a specialized Meteo France center dedicated to valuation measurements of Earth observation satellites for the benefit of meteorology and oceanography. It provides satellite products for, among others, forecasters and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models. Located in Lannion, France, it is in contact with various international operators, such as EUMETSAT or the American agency NOAA.


EUMETSAT is a global operational satellite agency at the heart of Europe, located in Darmsdatd. Its purpose is to gather accurate and reliable satellite data on weather, climate and the environment around the world, and to deliver them to the member states, to the international partners, and to users world-wide.

CEMS: Centre d'Etude en Meteorologie Satellitaire

The CEMS is a thematic research center of the CNRM/CNRS. Located in Lannion, it supports the operational activities of the CMS with which it shares the same site. The CEMS conducts research activities on the macro- and micro-physical properties of clouds, ocean surface variables and radiative transfer modelling with the aim of exploiting meteorological satellite data for weather monitoring and forecasting. It works in close collaboration with French and foreign laboratories, as well as with other CNRM researchers working on satellite data assimilation, radiative transfer modelling, surface properties and cloud physics. It participates in the transfer of the results of its research to the services of Meteo-France, in particular to the Forecasting Operations Direction. The CEMS is preparing for future space missions and new scientific issues in weather forecasting such as data assimilation from new instruments with high spectral and temporal resolution, taking into account aerosols and estimating uncertainties.

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