International Conference on Alpine Meteorology, 4-8 June 2007
Chambéry, France



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Poster sessions

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  • Poster session 1

    1A: Orographic waves and dry flows I
    1A.3: Mountain waves entering the stratosphere
    Ronald Smith, Jensen Woods, Bryan Woods, Jorgen Jensen, William Cooper, James Doyle, Qingfang Jiang, Vanda Grubisic
    1B: Chemistry, aerosol and air quality
    1B.4: Spatial distributions of aerosols in the Inn Valley atmosphere during wintertime -- a detailed view
    (Extended abstract)
    Florian Harnisch, Alexander Gohm, Andreas Fix, Ralf Schnitzhofer, Armin Hansel, Bruno Neininger
    1B.5: Aerosol distribution over the western Mediterranean basin during a Tramontane/Mistral event
    (Extended abstract)
    Tamara Salameh, Philippe Drobinski, Laurent Menut, Bertrand Bessagnet, Cyrille Flamant, Alma Hodzic, Robert Vautard
    1C: Climate
    1C.8: A study on the foehn in Piedmont, Italy
    (Extended abstract)
    Claudio Cassardo, Simona Fratianni, Roberto Cremonini, Barbara Cagnazzi
    1C.13: Milestones for the assessment of regional climate variability during the 20th century in the eastern Alps
    (Extended abstract)
    Ingeborg Auer, Reinhard Boehm, Anita Jurkovic, Wolfgang Lipa, Eva Korus, Roland Potzmann, Alexander Orlik
    1C.18: Climatologic data downscaling with simplified dynamical models
    (Extended abstract)
    Martin Gera, Ďuran Basták, Ingrid Damborská, Radovan Drinka
    1C.25: Downscaling wind energy in a future climate
    Haraldur Ólafsson, Sarah Poret, Ólafur Rögnvaldsson
    1C.26: Variability of precipitation in South-Iceland
    Judith Krawinkel, Haraldur Ólafsson

    Poster session 2

    2D: Future campains
    2D.3: Airborne observations of trace chemical species during T-REX
    (Extended abstract)
    Felicity Perry, Jim Mcquaid, Stephen Mobbs, Simon Vosper
    2D.6: On the causes of unsustainable evening transition temperature falls in valleys
    (Extended abstract)
    C. David Whiteman, Sebastian W. Hoch, Gregory Poulos, Maura Hahnenberger
    2D.7: Slope flows observed during METCRAX
    (Extended abstract)
    Craig Clements, Wenqing Yao, Sharon Zhong, C. David Whiteman, Tom Horst
    2E: Precipitation
    2E.15: Analysis of the 12-13 November 2004 heavy rainfall event over Southern Italy
    (Extended abstract)
    Daniele Mastrangelo, Kristian Horvath, Angelo Riccio, Giorgio Budillon, Branka IvančAn-Picek
    2E.17: The impact of horizontal resolution on weather forecasts in the complex terrain of Iceland
    Haraldur Ólafsson, Hálfdán Ágústsson, Ólafur Rögnvaldsson
    2G: Orographic waves and dry flows II
    2G.6: Comparison of the Prandtl model with K(z) and non-zero f with Doppler sodar observations
    (Extended abstract)
    Iva Kavcic, Branko Grisogono, Ian A. Renfrew, Philip S. Anderson, Zeljko Vecenaj, Ivana Stiperski
    2G.9: Differences in the dynamics and structure of the Northern and Southern Adriatic Severe Bora
    (Extended abstract)
    Kristian Horvath, Branka IvančAn-Picek, Stjepan Ivatek-Sahdan, Vanda Grubisic
    2G.11: The Role of Surface Heating on Lee Waves and Rotors For a Range of Resonant Wave Modes
    Victoria Smith, William Thurston, Stephen Mobbs, Andrew Ross, Simon Vosper
    2G.14: Case study on Genoa Cyclone with Mistral 13-15 February 2005
    (Extended abstract)
    Dunja Placko-Vrsnak, Natasa Strelec-Mahovic, Dunja Drvar

    Poster session 3

    3K: Snow
    3K.4: Forecasting of road surface characteristics in France
    (Extended abstract)
    Ludovic Bouilloud, Eric Martin, Patrick Lemoigne, Mario Marchetti, Jean Livet, Joel Noilhan, Florence Habets, Laurent Franchisteguy, Paul Pettré, Sophie Morel, Aaron Boone, Alain Foidart
    3K.6: A high resolution snow analysis in Alpine region for the COSMO model
    Jean-Marie Bettems, Martijn De Ruyter De Wildt, Daniel Leuenberger
    3K.16: An overview of avalanches and weather preceding avalanches in coastal towns in Iceland
    (Extended abstract)
    Svanbjörg Helga Haraldsdóttir, Leah Tracy, Esther Hlíđar Jensen, Haraldur Ólafsson
    3K.17: Towards a method for estimating the risk of wet snow icing in mountainous regions
    (Extended abstract)
    Haraldur Ólafsson, Hálfdán Ágústsson, Ólafur Rögnvaldsson, Árni Jón Elíasson
    3M: Mountain hydrology
    3N: Diagnostics and applications
    3N.2: An innovative data quality control module for high resolution real time analysis
    Benedikt Bica, Barbara Chimani, Dieter Mayer, Reinhold Steinacker
    3N.4: Statistical estimation of precipitation over french mountain ranges
    (Extended abstract)
    Frédéric Gottardi, Emmanuel Paquet, Charles Obled, Joël Gailhard
    3N.8: Foehn Verification with the 'aLMo' Model
    Klaus Burri, Bruno Dürr, Patrick Hächler, Thomas Gutermann, Alfred Neururer, Richard Werner, Uwe Schickedanz
    3N.9: Consumption of energy and meteorological facts
    Gordana Hrabak-Tumpa, Niko Mandic, Mirella Subotic
    3N.12: FLYSAFE NG-ISS evaluation using severe weather high resolution simulations
    (Extended abstract)
    Stéphanie Pradier-Vabre, Stéphane Sénési, Christian Pagé, Olivier Caumont, Agathe Drouin, Véronique Ducrocq, Patrick Josse, Isabelle Bernard-Bouissičres, Yann Guillou
    3N.13: Measuring turbulent flows over a forested hill
    (Extended abstract)
    Rosey Grant, Jennifer Hutton, Ian Brooks, Barry Gardiner, Kevin Jones, Stephen Mobbs, Andrew Ross
    3N.14: Use of the planar fit method in tilt and distorsion analysis of the mean flow
    (Extended abstract)
    Renzo Richiardone, Elena Giampiccolo, Silvia Ferrarese, Massimiliano Manfrin
    3P: Predictability and probabilistic forecasting
    3P.4: Multi-model simulation of a convective situation in mountainous terrain
    (Extended abstract)
    Jörg Trentmann, Christian Barthlott, Hans-Stefan Bauer, Christian Keil, Marc Salzmann, Mark Lawrence, Daniel Leuenberger, Heini Wernli, Volker Wulfmeyer