International Conference on Alpine Meteorology, 4-8 June 2007
Chambéry, France



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Oral sessions

Session A: Orographic waves and dry flows I
A.3: "Zadar calm" during severe Bora
(Extended abstract)
Branka Ivančan-Picek, Vanda Grubisic, Ivana Stiperski, Ming Xiao, Alica Bajic
A.5: Downslope windstorm in Iceland - WRF/MM5 model comparison
(Extended abstract)
Ólafur Rögnvaldsson, Jian-Wen Bao, Hálfdán Ágústsson, Haraldur Ólafsson
Session B: Chemistry, aerosol and air quality
B.1: Distribution of air pollutants in an Alpine boundary layer during winter
Johannes Vergeiner, Stefan Emeis, Esther Griesser, Friedrich Obleitner, Martin Staszewski, Klaus Schäfer
B.5: Vertical distribution of air pollutants in the Inn valley atmosphere in winter 2006
(Extended abstract)
Ralf Schnitzhofer, Michael Norman, Jürgen Dunkl, Armin Wisthaler, Alexander Gohm, Friedrich Obleitner, Bruno Neininger, Armin Hansel
B.7: On boundary layer processes determining the spatial distribution of air pollutants in an Alpine valley
Alexander Gohm, Florian Harnisch, Ralf Schnitzhofer, Armin Hansel, Andreas Fix, Bruno Neininger, Friedrich Obleitner, Johannes Vergeiner, Esther Griesser
Session C: Climate I
Session D: Future projects
D.1: D-PHASE: DOP now!
Mathias Rotach, Marco Arpagaus
D.2: First results of the field campaign COPS
Volker Wulfmeyer, Andreas Behrendt, Christoph Kottmeier, Ulrich Corsmeier, Gerhard Adrian, Alan Blyth, George Craig, Ulrich Schumann, Hans Volkert, Susanne Crewell, Paolo Di Girolamo, Cyrille Flamant, Mark Miller, Stephen Mobbs, Evelyne Richard, Mathias Rotach, Marco Arpagaus, Herman Russchenberg, Peter Schluessel, Marianne Koenig, Volker Gaertner, Reinhold Steinacker, Dave Turner, Tammy Weckwerth
D.3: Hydrological cycle in the Mediterranean experiment (HyMeX): Towards a major field experiment in 2010-2012
(Extended abstract)
Véronique Ducrocq, Philippe Drobinski, Karine Béranger, François Carlotti, Chantal Claud, Richard Escadafal, Guy Delrieu, Alexis Doerenbecher, François Dulac, Xavier Durrieu De Madron, Françoise Elbaz, Claude Estournel, Hervé Giordani, Cécile Guieu, Joel Guiot, Stéphane Hallegate, Masa Kageyama, Patrick Lachassagne, Laurent Li, Eric Martin, Frédéric Médail, Roger Moussa, Matthieu Plu, Louis Prieur, Serge Rambal, Didier Ricard, Jean-Daniel Rinaudo, Frank Roux, Samuel Somot, Isabelle Taupier-Letage
Session E: Precipitation I
E.3: Orographic precipitation and isotope fractionation in the California Coastal and Sierra Ranges
Ronald Smith, Alison Anders, Anthony Didlake, Brett Tipple, Heather Reeves
Session F: METCRAX
F.1: METCRAX 2006 -- First Results from the Meteor Crater Experiment
(Extended abstract)
C. David Whiteman, Sebastian W. Hoch, Maura Hahnenberger, Sharon Zhong
Session G: Orographic waves and dry flows II
G.4: Coriolis effects on mountain wakes
Helen Wells, Stuart Webster, Simon Vosper, Andrew Brown
Session H: Data assimilation
H.2: 1D+3DVar assimilation of radar reflectivities in a mountainous area
(Extended abstract)
Olivier Caumont, Véronique Ducrocq, Stéphanie Pradier-Vabre
Session I: T-REX I
I.1: Insights into the structure of atmospheric rotors
Vanda Grubisic, Brian Billings, Samuel Haimov, Rick Damiani, Larry Oolman, Joachim Kuettner
Session J: Precipitation II
Session K: Snow cover
K.1: High resolution NWP modelling of the atmospheric conditions across VATNAJÖKULL (Iceland)
(Extended abstract)
Laura Rontu, Friedrich Obleitner, Sander Tijm, Christoph Zingerle, Stefan Gollvik
K.3: Climatic trends for the last 45 winters in a French Alps region
(Extended abstract)
Jean-Pierre Navarre, Gérald Giraud, Yves Durand, Daniel Goetz
Session L: T-REX II
L.4: T-REX EOPs II: Valley and Larger Scale Forcing of the Boundary Layer
Stephen Mobbs, Ralph Burton, Felicity Perry, Gregory Poulos, Juerg Schmidli, Simon Vosper, Ian Brooks
L.5: The rotor concept in the light of ground-based wind lidar observations
Andreas Dörnbrack, Martin Weissmann, Christian Kühnlein
L.6: Wind patterns observed in the boundary layer of the Owens Valley, Sierra Nevada
(Extended abstract)
Ralph Burton, Stephen Mobbs, Simon Vosper, Peter Sheridan, Ian Brooks, Barbara Brooks
Session M: Mountain Hydrology
M.1: IFKIS-Hydro – a flood hazard information and warning system for smaller catchments
(Extended abstract)
Christoph Hegg, Hans Romang, François Dufour, Nadine Hilker, Jacques Rhyner, Massimiliano Zappa
M.3: Flood forecasting in the upper Rhone river for the management of multireservoir systems
(Extended abstract)
Frédéric Jordan, Jean-Louis Boillat, Javier Garcia Hernandez, Schleiss Anton J.
M.4: Flash flood forecasting within the PREVIEW project: high- resolution hydrometeorological simulations
(Extended abstract)
Béatrice Vincendon, Katia Chancibault, Véronique Ducrocq, Ludovic Bouilloud, Georges-Marie Saulnier, Matthieu Lelay, Sandrine Anquetin, Vassiliki Kotroni, Konstantinos Lagouvardos, Massimo Milelli, Silke Dierer, Davide Rabuffetti
Session N: Diagnostics and applications
N.1: Real time precipitation downscaling
(Extended abstract)
Reinhold Steinacker, Stefan Schneider, Manfred Dorninger
Session O: Climate II
O.5: Multi-variable analysis of 200 years of climate variability and change in the greater Alpine region
(Extended abstract)
Michele Brunetti, Gianluca Lentini, Maurizio Maugeri, Teresa Nanni, Ingeborg Auer, Reinhard Boehm, Wolfgang Schoener
Session P: Predictability and probabilistic forecasting
P.2: Coupled atmospheric-hydrologic ensemble prediction in Alpine catchments
Simon Jaun, André Walser, Massimiliano Zappa, Bodo Ahrens, Joachim Gurtz, Christoph Schär
P.6: Summer convection in the Vosges-Black Forest region: COPS preliminary investigations
(Extended abstract)
Sébastien Argence, Evelyne Richard, Dominique Lambert, Philippe Arbogast
Session Q: Precipitation III
Q.2: Evaluation of convection-resolving model simulations with the COSMO-Model in mountainous terrain
(Extended abstract)
Jörg Trentmann, Heini Wernli, Ulrich Corsmeier, Jan Handwerker, Martin Kohler
Q.3: Convective initiation in the Black Forest region in high-resolution MM5 simulations
(Extended abstract)
Thomas Schwitalla, Günther Zängl, Hans-Stefan Bauer, Volker Wulfmeyer
Session R: ICAM perspective