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ARPEGE/ALADIN files : documentation of physic rows (in French, April 2006) (Files and data)

Tuesday 2 May 2006
This documentation describes the scientific contents of the rows written in operational files by ARPEGE/ALADIN models : definition, unit, calculation, etc ... cloudiness precipitations diagnostics index of variables ... It was written in June 2005 by Jean-Marcel Piriou. It is in French. La (...)

Variational diagnotic analysis (2006) (Variational)

Thursday 9 March 2006 by Ludovic Auger
A variational diagnostic analysis tool has been developed for diagnostic purposes. This tool will be the successor of "diagpack" for nowcasting issues. It is inspired by the concept of diagnostic analysis which has been the central concept for the development of diagpack. From the technical (...)

New geometry routines for ALADIN (January 2006) (Projections, grids and model resolutions)

Thursday 19 January 2006 by Jean-Daniel GRIL
This document explains the new projection routines with an emphasis on bugfixes at the level of Cycle 29.t2 to 30.t1. It explains : the new "cadre" for ALADIN files, use of NCADFORM key, in depth description of parameter setup and checks in sufpg1, ... Both English and French documentions are (...)

Computation of spectral orography in configuration 923 (Dec 2005) (Climatologic and constant files)

Friday 9 December 2005 by Patricia
Documentation written by Dominique Giard in December 2005. Contents : NAMCLA : control the computation of orography Formulation of the cost functions to be minimalized Case of linear-spectral truncation

Extension of the equations for a moist precipitating atmosphere to mass-based coordinates in various contexts (2005) (Dynamics)

Monday 19 September 2005
This is a provisionnal version on 19 September 2005 : please send any comments to Pierre Bénard (you can use the forum linked to this article). This paper derives the equations for a moist precipitating atmosphere in mass coordinate. The starting point is the paper by Sylvie Malardel on the (...)

Distributed Memory : introduction (2002) (Technical and coding aspects)

Wednesday 6 July 2005
The architecture of ARPEGE/IFS/ALADIN software, which must be executed in real-time, is designed to run on high performance machines, which includes machines with a large number of processors. The research of performance is base on the Amdal’s law that shows obviously, that the developer should (...)

Consistency check with the ARPEGE/ALADIN hydrostatic equations (2005) (Dynamics)

Friday 24 June 2005
This is a provisionnal version written in June 2005 : please send any comments to Sylvie Malardel of Jean-François Geleyn (you can use the forum linked to this article). Initialy, the hydrostatic equations used in the NWP model ARPEGE/ALADIN where designed for a synoptic scale forecasting (...)

The non parametrised continuous equations at finite scale in the case of a multiple system (2005) (Dynamics)

Friday 24 June 2005
This is a provisionnal version, working document : please send any comments to Sylvie Malardel, Jean-François Geleyn or Pierre Bénard (you can use the forum linked to this article). In the paper, the authors (Sylvie Malardel, Jean-François Geleyn and Pierre Bénard) consider a multiphase system of (...)

Description technique du cycle d’assimilation d’ALADIN/France (2005) (Systems and operations)

Tuesday 21 June 2005
This document (in French) was published in June 2005 by Claude Fischer, Thibaut Montemerle and Valerie Mathiot. It aims to present the assimilation suite of ALADIN/FRANCE (technical aspects and OLIVE). Contents : scientific choices detailed sequences and comments acquisition of the (...)

ALADIN operational physics documentation (2005) (Physics)

Monday 4 April 2005
This documentation is available through postscript files, dedicated to different topics. Topic postscript last update Title page & Table of Contents Nov 2001 Physics-dynamics interface Nov 2001 Initialisations and auxiliary tools Nov 2001 (...)

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