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New dataflow for DDH in Aladin/Arpege/Alaro/Arome (Diagnostics)

Tuesday 13 January 2009 by Olivier Rivière
This documentation comes in addition to the general documentation for DDH . It describes the flexible structures available for diagnostics in Arpege/Aladin/Alaro/Arpege In cy35t1 it is only available in Arome and in cy35t2 in all (...)

DOMOLALO : create a domain giving South,Nort,East,West and resolution (PINUTS)

Thursday 11 September 2008 by Jean-Daniel GRIL
domolalo : one of the pinuts tool to create domain giving South,Nort,East,West and resolution. The created domain contains the "latlon" domain referenced by South,Nort latitudes and East,West longitudes. Link to DOMOLALO documentation VERSION 2008.0911 (by J-D (...)

OBSTAT documention (Observations)

Wednesday 4 June 2008 by Paul Poli
Sommaire Abstract History User’s guide This documentation was written by Paul Poli in April 2006 and is regularly updated since then. The OBSTAT software computes and plots statistics on observations assimilated in the ECMWF or Meteo France assimilation suite. (...)

ODB items used to store GPSRO information in IFS CY33 (February 2008) (Observations)

Wednesday 20 February 2008 by Paul Poli
The present documentation (by Paul Poli) lists the ODB items used to store GPS radio occultation (GPSRO) information in the IFS CY33 system at Météo-France.

Notice d’utilisation de la configuration 901 ISBA (2008) (Configurations)

Tuesday 5 February 2008 by Patrick SAEZ
Sommaire I/ Introduction II/ Enchaînement des tâches III/ Détail des étapes 1/ Etape 1 2/ Etape 2 3/ Etape 3 4/ Etape 4 IV/ Base MARS et requêtes V/ Scripts a utiliser VI/ ANNEXE This document (in French) written by Patrick Saez in March 2003 (updated in Feb. 2008) (...)

The ARPEGE/ALADIN tech’ book : implications of LAM aspects on the global model code (Dec, 2007) (Coding, phasing, porting)

Tuesday 11 December 2007
This paper was originally written by Mark Zagar, ever since updated by Claude Fischer with contributions by Gabor Radnoti, Martin Janousek and Alena Trojakova. The versions of December 2004 (al29t1), December 2006 (al32) are available. The last version (al33) was prepared in December 2007 by (...)

Pre-processing of ZTD observations from GPS stations (Nov 2007) (Observations)

Thursday 8 November 2007 by Paul Poli
The present French documentation (from Paul Poli) describes the pre-processing of zenith total delays (ZTD) observations from ground-based GPS stations. This pre-processing requires in input: GPS ZTD observations as well as a GPS station selection list. The pre-processing as presented here is (...)

ODB items used to store GPSRO information in IFS CY32 (June 2007) (Observations)

Tuesday 5 June 2007 by Paul Poli
The present documentation (by Paul Poli) lists the ODB items used to store GPS radio occultation (GPSRO) information in the IFS CY32 system at Météo-France.

ClearCase manual (May 2007) (Coding, phasing, porting)

Monday 21 May 2007
This easy ClearCase Manual in 7 lessons and exercises was proposed by Ryad El Khatib in November 2000 and updated in May 2007. This document has been written in order to help people to use ClearCase. Experience seems to show that the most efficient solution to start with ClearCase would be to (...)

NEC User’s Guide : introduction to NEC “tori” machine at Météo-France (April 2007) (Systems and operations)

Tuesday 3 April 2007 by Patricia
This NEC users guide was written by Marion Pithon (French version, 19/02/2007) and translated into English (by Jean Maziejewski, March 2007). This guide is only available for authorised users (a user/password is needed to acceed to the guides from outside Météo-France). Main points of this (...)

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