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What is PALADIN ? (2002) (PINUTS)

October 2002
By Jean-Daniel Gril (October 2002 ) Paladin is for Portable Auxillary Library And Development tools for aladIN. This project contains : a portable version of FA/LFI library a portable version of EGGX (new and old) library a portable version of my tools modules a portable version of my (...)

Horizontal diffusion Scientific documentation : design and scaling of ARPEGE diffusions (2002) (Dynamics)

Thursday 11 July 2002
This document written by Pierre Bénard summarizes the principles for implementing an horizontal diffusion in a stretched model and lists the problems encountered in the development and validation of HDF scheme, and its current status. One of the goals is to have a written material in order to (...)

The LFI file access library (2002) (Files and data)

June 2002
The LFI library is used to manipulate direct-access model files at Météo-France. It is currently used for the native files of Arpège, Aladin and Méso-NH models, and for Arpège/Aladin ancillary files (climatologies, postprocessing, Aladin coupling). Arpège/Aladin use an overlayer of LFI called the FA (...)

Les différents types de projection utilisés dans ALADIN (2002) (Projections, grids and model resolutions)

June 2002
Projections in ALADIN by Jean-Daniel Gril, June 2002 : the different projections in ALADIN : secantes, tangentes, stereographic, polaire, ... the formulae Annex : Lambert(1) and Lambert(2)

Transform library for ARPEGE/IFS and ALADIN (2002) (Dynamics)

June 2002
Two documents present the new transform library from cycle23 : a document from Mats Hamrud (June 2002) decribes the new transform library in ARPEGE/IFS: as from cycle 23r4, the spectral transforms have been broken out of the IFS to form a separate library, the source residing in its own VOB. (...)

Arpege/Aladin single column model (2002) (Physics)

Scientifical and Algorithmical aspects
May 2002
The single column model (SCM) is the 1D version of th 3D ARPEGE-ALADIN operational model. It can be used for different purposes : make predictions in 3D model forced mode test the physical package on observational datasets as well as on idealized profiles Develop surface variational (...)

LAMFLAG_ODB : to provide an input ODB to run 3DVAR screening in ALADIN (2001) (ODB : Observational DataBase)

Friday 28 September 2001
Recent tests showed that without any modifications in the code the only way to run 3DVAR screening in ALADIN 15 is to provide an input ODB containing only reports inside the C+I zone. At present the creation of this input ODB is done in two steps. In the first step the whole ODB is scanned (...)

Blending of initial fields in ALADIN (2001) (Analysis and assimilation)

March 2001
This document of March 2001 is a tentative synthesis of previous contributions. In dynamical adaptation mode, the initial conditions for ALADIN short-range forecasts are simply interpolated from those of the coupling model (ARPEGE hereafter). Whatever the quality of the interpolation method (...)

LFA Autodocumented Files Software (2001) (Files and data)

February 2001
The present AFS software (LFA in french, Logiciel de Fichiers Autodocumentés) is designed to read or write real, integer or character arrays, on portable files (IEEE binairies), will a portable code. Articles in the files are accessed through their name. The underlying idea of this software is (...)

Le non-hydrostatisme pour les débutants (in French, June 2000) (Dynamics)

Tuesday 6 June 2000
Document in French published by Pierre Bénard on 9 June 2000. Ce court document s’adresse a ceux qui veulent comprendre d’une manière simple: ce qu’est l’hydrostatisme ce qu’est le non-hydrostatisme pourquoi et comment cela peut etre important quel rapport cela a avec la prévision (...)

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