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Distributed Memory : introduction (2002) (Technical and coding aspects)

Wednesday 6 July 2005
The architecture of ARPEGE/IFS/ALADIN software, which must be executed in real-time, is designed to run on high performance machines, which includes machines with a large number of processors. The research of performance is base on the Amdal’s law that shows obviously, that the developer should (...)

Consistency check with the ARPEGE/ALADIN hydrostatic equations (2005) (Dynamics)

Friday 24 June 2005
This is a provisionnal version written in June 2005 : please send any comments to Sylvie Malardel of Jean-François Geleyn (you can use the forum linked to this article). Initialy, the hydrostatic equations used in the NWP model ARPEGE/ALADIN where designed for a synoptic scale forecasting (...)

The non parametrised continuous equations at finite scale in the case of a multiple system (2005) (Dynamics)

Friday 24 June 2005
This is a provisionnal version, working document : please send any comments to Sylvie Malardel, Jean-François Geleyn or Pierre Bénard (you can use the forum linked to this article). In the paper, the authors (Sylvie Malardel, Jean-François Geleyn and Pierre Bénard) consider a multiphase system of (...)

Description technique du cycle d’assimilation d’ALADIN/France (2005) (Systems and operations)

Tuesday 21 June 2005
This document (in French) was published in June 2005 by Claude Fischer, Thibaut Montemerle and Valerie Mathiot. It aims to present the assimilation suite of ALADIN/FRANCE (technical aspects and OLIVE). Contents : scientific choices detailed sequences and comments acquisition of the (...)

ALADIN operational physics documentation (2005) (Physics)

Monday 4 April 2005
This documentation is available through postscript files, dedicated to different topics. Topic postscript last update Title page & Table of Contents Nov 2001 Physics-dynamics interface Nov 2001 Initialisations and auxiliary tools Nov 2001 (...)

Preliminary experiments towards the pre-operational ALADIN 3DVar (2005) (Variational)

Thursday 24 February 2005
This report was published by Thibaut Montmerle, Claude Fisher and Loïk Berre on February 2005. It presents the aim, strategy and first results for the implementation of an operational variational data assimilation systelm in the ALADIN/France model. Starting from the experience gathered over (...)

PROGRID and GOBPTOUT : new files convertion (2004) (Files and data)

Wednesday 15 December 2004
Documentation of Jean-Marc Audoin about new files convertion in December 2004 : from FullPos (lat/lon) format to GRIB format : PROGRID from ARPEGE format to GRIB format : GOBPTOUT

Study of the VFE discretisation in view of NH modeling (2004) (Dynamics)

Tuesday 7 December 2004
This paper written be Pierre Bénard in December 2004 is a working document, which can serve as a starting basis for discussions between ECMWF and Météo-France about the extension of the current IFS Vertical Finite Elements (VFE) scheme to NH modelling. The current VFE discretisation introduced in (...)

Post-processing "Fullpos" (2002, 2004) (Diagnostics)

December 2004
Full-Pos is the nickname of the Post-Processing package in the Arpege/Ifs/Aladin software. FullPOS is a powerful and sophisticated post-processing package. It is intended to be used for operation and research as well. FullPOS has two main parts : the vertical interpolations, then the (...)

"FA" subroutines or the ARPEGE/ALADIN files package (2004) (Files and data)

Wednesday 21 July 2004
Through "ARPEGE/ALADIN files" one points out the main kind of files used to interface programms of the ARPEGE/ALADIN suite, that is to say : guess and primary results from analysis ; initial conditions (to start only) and primary outputs from the forecasting model or its initialization ; input (...)

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