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FA API package (Mar 2010) (Files and data)

Tuesday 30 March 2010 by Patricia
The FA API is a higher level application programming interface providing an easy access to FA file format. The fa_api is a wrapper library that integrates several IFS/Arpege auxiliary libraries (fa, lfi, eggx, etc.) and provides unified and easy to use interface for manipulating FA files. The (...)

Phasing roadmap (Dec 2009) (Coding, phasing, porting)

Friday 18 December 2009 by Patricia
This documents (version 1.5, 18/12/2009) gives phasing general rules on source code and phasing roadmap of actions. Useful information could also be found in the (old) phasers’ guide.

"A and B" : Design of the hybrid vertical coordinate (eta), 2008 (Dynamics)

Wednesday 16 December 2009
These documents describe a new method for the setting the vertical levels in the "A and B" namelists. These describe a more intuitive method to define the hybrid pressure terrain-following coordinate in ARPEGE/ALADIN/AROME/... A separate file contains the external FORTRAN program and Linux (...)

Geometry package for ALADIN & AROME LAM (Dec 2009) (Projections, grids and model resolutions)

Thursday 10 December 2009 by Patricia
Sommaire Projections used in ALADIN Les projections utilisées (...) (access to French version, pour version française) This document describes the Fortran package for the management of the “geometry” of the ALADIN & AROME LAM. This “geometry” is a projection (...)

ARPEGE-Climat V5.1 Algorithmic Documentation (2009) (Climate model)

Thursday 3 September 2009 by Patricia
Arpege-IFS is a complex code designed not only for weather forecast or climate simulation, but also for data assimilation, forecast pre- and postprocessing. It has been extended, diversified and complexified since 1986 jointly by Météo-France and ECMWF. The present documentation restricts to the (...)

Prognostic physics in ARPEGE-Climat (Algorithmic Documentation, 2009) (Physics)

Thursday 3 September 2009 by Patricia
Deep convection Shallow convection Precipitation Clouds and turbulence Radiation See also the ARPEGE-Climat V5.1 algorithmic documentation.

SURFEX scientific documentation (Physics)

Wednesday 17 June 2009 by Patricia
Documentation about SURFEX is available on Meso-NH website under Documentation / Books and Guides. Last version (SURFEX V5, May 2009) is available here.

Internal structure of FA and LFI files (October 2006) (Files and data)

Tuesday 24 March 2009 by Jean-Daniel GRIL
This article has been moved on the aladin website on the "Partners only" part. Please use : Connect as "Partners" and consult, under "Partners only", the "internal documentation" section.

New dataflow for DDH in Aladin/Arpege/Alaro/Arome (Diagnostics)

Tuesday 13 January 2009 by Olivier Rivière
This documentation comes in addition to the general documentation for DDH . It describes the flexible structures available for diagnostics in Arpege/Aladin/Alaro/Arpege In cy35t1 it is only available in Arome and in cy35t2 in all (...)

DOMOLALO : create a domain giving South,Nort,East,West and resolution (PINUTS)

Thursday 11 September 2008 by Jean-Daniel GRIL
domolalo : one of the pinuts tool to create domain giving South,Nort,East,West and resolution. The created domain contains the "latlon" domain referenced by South,Nort latitudes and East,West longitudes. Link to DOMOLALO documentation VERSION 2008.0911 (by J-D (...)

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