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DDH toolbox (January 2018)

Tuesday 9 January 2018 by Patricia — Software and applications

Useful dates for your next visit in Toulouse CNRM/GMAP

Monday 8 January 2018 by Patricia — ALADIN People : who, where, how to contact
When planning your next visit to Toulouse/CNRM/GMAP, please pay attention to French public holidays and Meteo-France closing days (RTTi) !.. From January 1st, 2014, for security reasons, the access to GMAP offices is only allowed between 7:00 and 21:00 on working days. On Saturdays and on (...)

Essai formulaires

Friday 22 December 2017 by Patricia — About the aladin websites

Visitors in Toulouse in 2018

Tuesday 12 December 2017 by Patricia — Visitors in Toulouse
A first list of the 2018 visitors in Toulouse is given below. Please consult the offices table for phone number and office number of the 2018 visitors. NAMECOUNTRYSTARTENDSubjectMENTOR Fabrice DURUISSEAU FRANCE 04/05/15 28/02/19 SIMULATION ET ASSIMILATION DE DONNEES D'UN FUTUR SONDEUR (...)

Regular 23rd General Assembly and 4th joint ALADIN GA and HIRLAM Council, Zagreb, Croatia, November 19-20, 2018

Thursday 7 December 2017 by Patricia — (General) Assembly of ALADIN Partners
The 2018 meetings will be held in Zagreb, back-to-back with the EUMETNET/ECOMET meeting, according to the following schedule : 19 November 2018 afternoon : ALADIN GA, 20 November 2018 morning : LACE and HIRLAM councils in parallel, 20 November 2018 afternoon : joint ALADIN-HIRLAM meeting, Joint (...)

Latest statistics on the ALADIN manpower, December 2017

Thursday 7 December 2017 by Patricia — Manpower,
Each quarter, the LTMs register the work done in their NMS by their local staff or their visitors during scientific and technical visits or training courses. The reporting distinguishes 3 types of work : direct work potentially beneficial to all Partners, maintenance of local applications, (...)

Stay reports 2017

Tuesday 14 November 2017 by Eric — Stay reports
BOUZGHAIA M.: Branchement de la routine ECRAD dans le modèle ARPEGE LANCZ D.: Testing of a modified shallow convection parametrization with AROME at 500 m horizontal resolution Stay reports

Local Team Managers (LTM) meetings with minutes

Monday 6 November 2017 by Patricia — ALADIN Local Team Managers (LTM) meetings
LTM meetingDatePlaceMinutes 25th LTM meeting 2 October 2018 Salzbourg, Austria (besides EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings) 24th LTM meeting 17 April 2018 t.b.c. Toulouse, France (besides ALADIN workshop) 23rd LTM meeting 3 October 2017 Reading, UK (besides EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings) minutes 22nd LTM meeting 4 (...)


Saturday 21 October 2017 by Patricia — Software codes
History (reverse order) of the ALADIN cycles ALADIN cycle [1] with memorandum [2]available inMajor modifications introduced in the cyclebased on ARPEGE cyclePhasing team AL46T1 spring or autumn 2018 see the plans prepared for the 23rd LTM meeting CY46T1 AL46 first quarter 2018 see the plans (...)

Operational configurations

Monday 30 January 2017 by Patricia — Software and applications, ,
(updated on January 20, 2017) Within ALADIN and HIRLAM Consortia, the ALADIN, ALARO or AROME configurations run operationally on a wide range of computers, from single workstations to vectorial computers in shared or distributed memory, and on a cluster of workstations under Linux. 46 (...)

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