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LFA Autodocumented Files Software (2001)

February 2001

The present AFS software (LFA in french, Logiciel de Fichiers Autodocumentés) is designed to read or write real, integer or character arrays, on portable files (IEEE binairies), will a portable code. Articles in the files are accessed through their name.

The underlying idea of this software is to combine two abilities: firstly an access to a given article through its name, for a simpler and more secured access to file data, and secondly physical write on IEEE binaries to assure excution speed and portability.

The document written by Jean-Marcel Piriou in February 2001 presents :

  • Main features (Performance, Data precision, File portability, Synoptic of main functions)
  • Fortran user interface
  • UNIX user interface

titre documents joints

LFA documentation (french)

21 October 2005
info document : PostScript
418.1 kb

LFA documentation (english)

21 October 2005
info document : PostScript
394.6 kb

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