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LFA Autodocumented Files Software (2001)
Article published on February 2001
last modification on 3 November 2005

The present AFS software (LFA in french, Logiciel de Fichiers Autodocumentés) is designed to read or write real, integer or character arrays, on portable files (IEEE binairies), will a portable code. Articles in the files are accessed through their name.

The underlying idea of this software is to combine two abilities: firstly an access to a given article through its name, for a simpler and more secured access to file data, and secondly physical write on IEEE binaries to assure excution speed and portability.

The document written by Jean-Marcel Piriou in February 2001 presents :

  • Main features (Performance, Data precision, File portability, Synoptic of main functions)
  • Fortran user interface
  • UNIX user interface