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User’s guide to add new surface variables or new surface attributes in ARPEGE/IFS, ALADIN, AROME: cycle 44.

Tuesday 7 March 2017 by Karim Yessad
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This documentation is a user’s guide for people wanting to introduce new surface fields, or new surface attributes.


Cette documentation est un guide d’utilisation pour les personnes
qui veulent introduire de nouvelles variables ou de nouveaux attributs dans le flux de donnees de surface.


  • 01/ Introduction.
  • 02/ Add a new surface variable: main features.
  • 03/ Add a new surface variable or group: additional features when read/write this surface variable on ARPEGE files.
  • 04/ Add a new surface variable: additional features when post-processing it.
  • 05/ Add a new surface variable: additional features when assimilating it.
  • 06/ Add a new surface variable: additional features when applying nudging on it.
  • 07/ Add a new surface attribute.
  • 08/ Add a new surface field or group in climatologic files (configuration 923/E923, METEO-FRANCE purpose only).
  • 09/ References.

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Version cycle 44

7 March 2017
info document : PDF
157.3 kb

Version cycle 43

25 February 2016
info document : PDF
158.5 kb

Version cycle 42

7 July 2015
info document : PDF
158.1 kb

Version cycle 41t1

17 March 2015
info document : PDF
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