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arpifs4py Interface functions to some **Arpege/IFS** functions
epygram About the Package
    epygram.args_catalog Catalog of command-line arguments
    epygram.base Basic, non-specific classes
    epygram.config Configuration: parameters, options used throughout the package.
    epygram.containers Containers
    epygram.fields.D3Field 3-D Field class
    epygram.fields.H1DField Horizontal 1-D Field class
    epygram.fields.H2DField Horizontal 2-D Field class
    epygram.fields.H2DVectorField Horizontal 2-D Vector Field class
    epygram.fields.MiscField Miscellaneous Field class
    epygram.fields.PointField Point 0-D Field class
    epygram.fields.V1DField Vertical 1-D Field
    epygram.fields.V2DField Vertical 2-D Field class
    epygram.formats juggling with for
    epygram.formats.DDHLFA Interface-Class to the DDHLFA format
    epygram.formats.FA Interface-Class to the FA format
    epygram.formats.GeoPoints Interface-Class to the GeoPoints format
    epygram.formats.GRIB Interface-Class to the GRIB format
    epygram.formats.grib_utilities GRIB tables facilities and co.
    epygram.formats.LFA Interface-Class to the LFA format
    epygram.formats.LFI Interface-Class to the LFI format
    epygram.formats.netCDF Interface-Class to the netCDF format
    epygram.formats.TIFFMF Interface-Class to the TIFFMF format
    epygram.geometries.D3Geometry 3-D Geometry class
    epygram.geometries.domain_making Domain creation
    epygram.geometries.domain_making.ask Domain creation - User Interface Domain creation - Build geometries
    epygram.geometries.domain_making.output Domain creation - Output
    epygram.geometries.domain_making.util Domain creation - Tools
    epygram.geometries.H1DGeometry Horizontal 1-D Geometry class
    epygram.geometries.H2DGeometry Horizontal 2-D Geometry classes
    epygram.geometries.PointGeometry Point 0-D Geometry class
    epygram.geometries.SpectralGeometry Spectral Geometry class
    epygram.geometries.V1DGeometry Vertical 1-D Geometry class
    epygram.geometries.V2DGeometry Vertical 2-D Geometry class
    epygram.geometries.VGeometry Vertical Geometry class
    epygram.myproj Projection tools
    epygram.profiles Functions on vertical profiles
    epygram.resources Real and virtual resources handling
    epygram.spectra Class and functions for spectra
    epygram.util Utilities
pyexttiff Classes to read Tiff
usevortex Contains proxies to reach resources using Vortex