epygram.fields — Fields

Contains all fields classes.

epygram.fields.gimme_one_point(longitude, latitude, field_args=None, geometry_args=None, vertical_geometry_args=None)[source]

Builds an empty PointField at given (longitude, latitude).

  • field_args – to be passed to field constructor, e.g. a validity
  • geometry_args – to be passed to geometry constructor
  • vertical_geometry_args – to be passed to vertical_geometry constructor

epygram.fields.make_vector_field(fX, fY)[source]

Creates a new epygram.H2DVectorField from two epygram.H2DField fX, fY representing resp. the X and Y components of the vector in the field geometry.

epygram.fields.psikhi2uv(psi, khi)[source]

Compute wind (on the grid) as a H2DVectorField from streamfunction psi and velocity potential khi.