epygram.geometries.domain_making.util — Tools

Contains utilities for building a LAM domain.


epygram.geometries.domain_making.util.Ezone_minimum_width = 11

minimum width of Extension zone

epygram.geometries.domain_making.util.threshold_mercator_lambert = 1.0

threshold in degrees towards Equator for the domain center, to choose lambert/mercator

epygram.geometries.domain_making.util.threshold_pole_distance_lambert = 1.0

threshold in degrees towards Pole for the min/max latitude, to choose lambert/polar_stereographic

epygram.geometries.domain_making.util.default_Izone_width_in_m = 20000.0

default width of Izone, to compute width in number of points according to resolution


epygram.geometries.domain_making.util.default_Iwidth(resolution, Izone_width_in_m=20000.0)[source]

Return default Iwidth depending on the resolution.

Algo: make it at least Izone_width_in_m wide, and not less than 8 points.