epygram.fields.V2DField — Vertical 2-D Field class

Contains the class that handle a Vertical 2D field.

class epygram.fields.V2DField.V2DField(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: epygram.fields.V2DField.V2DCommonField, epygram.fields.D3Field.D3Field

Vertical 2-Dimension (section) real field class. A field is defined by its identifier ‘fid’, its data, its geometry, and its validity.

At least for now, it is designed somehow like a collection of V1DFields. And so is V2DGeometry.


This class is managed by footprint.

  • info: Not documented
  • priority: PriorityLevel::DEFAULT (rank=1)

Automatic parameters from the footprint:

  • comment (str) - rwd - Not documented, sorry.
    • Optional. Default is None.
  • fid (footprints.stdtypes.FPDict) - rwx - Not documented, sorry.
  • geometry (epygram.geometries.V2DGeometry.V2DGeometry) - rxx - Geometry defining the position of the field gridpoints.
  • processtype (str) - rxx - Generating process.
    • Optional. Default is None.
  • spectral_geometry (epygram.geometries.SpectralGeometry.SpectralGeometry) - rxx - For a spectral field, its spectral geometry handles spectral transforms and dimensions.
    • Optional. Default is None.
  • structure (str) - rxx - Type of Field geometry.
    • Values: set([‘V2D’])
  • units (str) - rwd - Not documented, sorry.
    • Optional. Default is ‘’.
  • validity (epygram.base.FieldValidityList) - rwx - Validity of the field.
    • Optional. Default is FieldValidityList::<<as_list:: [FieldValidity::<epygram.base.FieldValidity object at 0x7ffa4936dad0>]>>.

Constructor. See its footprint for arguments.