epygram.geometries.V1DGeometry — Vertical 1-D Geometry class

Contains the classes for Horizontal 2D geometries of fields.

class epygram.geometries.V1DGeometry.V1DGeometry(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: epygram.geometries.V2DGeometry.V2DUnstructuredGeometry

Handles the geometry for a Vertical 1-Dimension Field. Abstract mother class.


This class is managed by footprint.

  • info: Not documented
  • priority: PriorityLevel::DEFAULT (rank=1)

Automatic parameters from the footprint:

  • dimensions (footprints.stdtypes.FPDict) - rxx - Handles grid dimensions.
  • geoid (footprints.stdtypes.FPDict) - rxx - To specify geoid shape; actually used in projected geometries only.
    • Optional. Default is FPDict::<<as_dict:: dict()>>.
  • grid (footprints.stdtypes.FPDict) - rxx - Handles description of the horizontal grid.
  • name (str) - rxx - Name of geometrical type of representation of points on the Globe.
    • Optional. Default is None.
    • Values: set([‘DDH:rectangle’, ‘unstructured’, ‘DDH:zonal_bands’, ‘DDH:ij_point’, ‘DDH:globe’, ‘DDH:point’, ‘DDH:quadrilateral’])
  • position_on_horizontal_grid (str) - rwx - Position of points w/r to the horizontal.
    • Optional. Default is ‘__unknown__’.
    • Values: set([‘center-left’, ‘lower-right’, ‘upper-right’, ‘lower-center’, ‘lower-left’, ‘center-right’, ‘upper-left’, ‘__unknown__’, ‘upper-center’, ‘center’])
  • structure (str) - rxx - Type of geometry.
    • Values: set([‘V1D’])
  • vcoordinate (epygram.geometries.VGeometry.VGeometry) - rwx - Handles vertical geometry parameters.
azimuth(end1, end2)[source]

No meaning with a one-point geometry.

distance(end1, end2)[source]

No meaning with a one-point geometry.