Applicative toolsΒΆ

A series of applicative tools, to be used in shell command-line, is also developped and distributed along epygram. They are available in directory apptools.

Each tool is self-documented: -h

Currently available:

  • explore the contents of a file
  • format converter of fields
  • move fields from one file to another, with optional on-the-fly basic operations
  • delete fields from a file
  • extract and plot a vertical profile from 3D fields
  • extract and plot a vertical section from 3D fields
  • compute basic statistics on fields
  • plot horizontal 2D fields
  • compute and plot a histogram of fields values
  • extract the value of fields on a given location
  • compute and plot the DCT spectrum of a field
  • convert to gridpoint the spectral fields of a FA file
  • interactive construction and display of a new LAM domain
  • basic plots of LFA-formatted outputs from DDH
  • local fields-plotting html server (requires vortex)