Date:June 21, 2016

Module contains:

  • all formats classes.
  • utilities to play with resource formats:
    • guess the format of an existing resource in a given container;
    • create a Resource instance with a generic function, eventually (if already existing) without knowing its format a priori;
    • some catalogs of GRIB numbers
    • ...

Returns the name of the format of the resource located at a given filename, if succeeded.

epygram.formats.resource(filename, openmode, fmt=None, **kwargs)[source]

Returns an instance of Resource of the requested fmt format, located at the given filename (epygram.base.File, ...), and with the given openmode.

If fmt is not given, tries to guess it (only for openmode ‘r’ or ‘a’).

Other kwargs are passed to the resource constructor.

#.. autofunction:: fid_converter

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