The package is distributed freely within Météo France and partners of the ALADIN and HIRLAM consortia.

Distribution/Installation is available:

  • At Météo France:
    • on CNRM-GAME linux workstations: under /home/common/epygram/EPyGrAM.current; just ask CTI for synchronization of both (/home/common/epygram, /home/common/sync) on your linux PC. Installation instructions to be found at /home/common/epygram/EPyGrAM.current/_install/INSTALL_README_cnrm_bull.txt
    • on BULL supercomputers: under /home/gmap/mrpe/mary/public/EPyGrAM.current; installation instructions to be found at /home/gmap/mrpe/mary/public/EPyGrAM.current/_install/INSTALL_README_cnrm_bull.txt
    • else, on demand (alexandre.mary@meteo.fr).
  • For partners (ALADIN/HIRLAM): to be defined. At first, on demand (alexandre.mary@meteo.fr), then a contact person should be defined in consortia.

Maintenance & Obligations

The package is distributed without maintenance obligation from the authors nor CNRM/GMAP.

Every bug report, porting matter, or functionality improvement can be addressed to alexandre.mary@meteo.fr.

Furthermore, the package is supposed to evolve in a collaborative way. Feel free to contribute proposing your own developments, if general enough to potentially interest other people. A Git repository together with a Redmine platform for project management shall come soon (?) for that purpose.

New releases will be distributed with the above conditions, with information to be delivered by e-mail (?).

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