Welcome to Full-Pos Home page !

Full-Pos is the nickname of the Post-Processing package
in the Arpege/Ifs/Aladin software.

        You will find below this page several documents related to this topic :
     Users guide / last version : html - postscript
     Users guide / all versions (postscript only)
      Technical guide / last version (draft !) : html - postscript
      Scientists guide /last version (draft !) : html - postscript
     Last available developments
     The never-ending development story
     Last technico-scientific documentation by Karim Yessad - html - postscript
     About the validation of the software

        And later ....
            Frequently Asked Questions
            Getting started with Fullpos

... just be patient !!

Any suggestions are welcome  : send an e-mail to  Ryad.elkhatib@meteo.fr

Last update : 2003-01-07