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Thursday 20 December 2018 by Karim Yessad


MITRAILLETTE is a software designed to do some basic validations on ARPEGE, ALADIN, AROME, and versions used by ALADIN or HIRLAM partners. It is shared between METEO-FRANCE, ALADIN partners and HIRLAM partners. It is currently not used by ECMWF.

The current design of MITRAILLETTE allows to use it on different machines with minimal adaptations concentrated in a reduced number of environnement files.

This document explains how to use MITRAILLETTE, and provides information how to modify a configuration or how to introduce a new configuration.

The current release (v122018) is valid for CY46T1.

Description stands for machine BEAUFIX2.


  • 1/ Introduction.
  • 2/ Modifications since the former version.
  • 3/ File environment and user’s guide for MITRAILLETTE.
  • 4/ Configurations identifiers.Expected future modifications
  • 5/ Examples of configurations modifications: a short user’s guide.
  • 6/ Additional procedures.
  • 7/ Content of GIT library.
  • 8/ Expected future modifications.
  • 9/ References.

titre documents joints

Version v122018 (CY46T1)

20 December 2018
info document : PDF
187.4 kb

Version v042018 (CY46)

10 April 2018
info document : PDF
184.9 kb

Version v102017 (CY45T1)

10 April 2018
info document : PDF
188.3 kb

Version FEVRIER 2017 (CY44, CY45)

6 March 2017
info document : PDF
203.8 kb

Version JUILLET 2016 (CY43T1, CY43T2)

30 June 2016
info document : PDF
211.3 kb

Version JANVIER 2016 (CY41T1, CY42, CY43)

19 January 2016
info document : PDF
219.8 kb

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