Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society

Volume 130 PART C Number 604

Special EUROCS Issue October 2004

Sensitivity of moist convection to environmental humidity, 3055 - 3079
S.H. Derbyshire; I. Beau; P. Bechtold; J.-Y. Grandpeix; J.-M. Piriou; J.-L. Redelsperger

Moisture-convection feedback in the tropics, 3081 - 3104
W.W. Grabowski; M.W. Moncrieff

The role of stability and moisture in the diurnal cycle of convection over land, 3105 - 3117
J.-P. Chaboureau; F. Guichard; J.-L. Redelsperger; J.-P. Lafore

The simulation of the diurnal cycle of convective precipitation over land in a global model, 3119 - 3137
P. Bechtold; J.-P. Chaboureau; A. Beljaars; A.K. Betts; M.K ¨ Ohler; M. Miller; J.-L. Redelsperger

Modelling the diurnal cycle of deep precipitating convection over land with cloud-resolving models and single-column models, 3139 - 3172
 F. Guichard; J.C. Petch; J.-L. Redelsperger; P. Bechtold; J.-P. Chaboureau; S. Cheinet; W. Grabowski; H. Grenier; C.G. Jones; M.K Öhler; J.-M. Piriou; R. Tailleux; M. Tomasini

The predictability of deep convection in cloud-resolving simulations over land, 3173 - 3187
J.C. Petch

The impacts of spatial variability on the development of convection, 3189 - 3206
A.J. Stirling; J.C. Petch

Improved mixing representation in Emanuel's convection scheme, 3207 - 3222
J.-Y. Grandpeix; V. Phillips; R. Tailleux

On the seemingly incompatible parcel and globally integrated views of the energetics of triggered atmospheric deep convection over land, 3223 - 3243
R. Tailleux; J.-Y. Grandpeix

Cloud representation in general-circulation models over the northern Pacific Ocean: A EUROCS intercomparison study, 3245 - 3267
A.P. Siebesma; C. Jakob; G. Lenderink; R.A.J. Neggers; J. Teixeira; E. Van Meijgaard; J. Calvo; A. Chlond; H. Grenier; C. Jones; M.K. Öhler; H. Kitagawa; P. Marquet; A.P. Lock; F.M. Üller; D.C. Olmeda; C. Severijns

Observations and numerical simulations of the diurnal cycle of the EUROCS stratocumulus case, 3269 - 3296
Peter G. Duynkerke; Stephan R. de Roode; Margreet C. van Zanten; Javier Calvo; Joan Cuxart; Sylvain Cheinet; Andreas Chlond; Hervé Grenier; Piet J. Jonker; Martin Köhler; Geert Lenderink; David Lewellen; Cara-Lyn Lappen; Adrian P. Lock; Chin-Hoh Moeng; Frank Müller; Dolores Olmeda; Jean-Marcel Piriou; Enrique Sánchez; Igor Sednev

Numerical simulation of the diurnal cycle of marine stratocumulus during FIRE - An LES and SCM modelling study, 3297 - 3321
Andreas Chlond; Frank Müller; Igor Sednev

The sensitivity of a GCM's marine stratocumulus to cloud-top entrainment, 3323 - 3338
A.P. Lock

The diurnal cycle of shallow cumulus clouds over land: A single-column model intercomparison study, 3339 - 3364
Geert Lenderink; A. Pier Siebesma; Sylvain Cheinet; Sarah Irons; Colin G. Jones; Pascal Marquet; Frank Müller; Dolores Olmeda; Javier Calvo; Enrique Sánchez; Pedro M.M. Soares

An eddy-diffusivity/mass-flux parametrization for dry and shallow cumulus convection, 3365 - 3383
P.M.M. Soares; P.M.A. Miranda; A.P. Siebesma; J. Teixeira

A buoyancy-based mixing-length proposal for cloudy boundary layers, 3385 - 3404
E. Sanchez; J. Cuxart

An updated length-scale formulation for turbulent mixing in clear and cloudy boundary layers, 3405 - 3427
G. Lenderink; A.A.M. Holtslag

On the role of drizzle in stratocumulus and its implications for large-eddy simulation, 3429 - 3434
G. Lenderink; A.P. Siebesma