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Information - Concordiasi Workshop, Boulder Colorado USA, 21-22 October 2011

Issued Monday 10 October 2011.

A Concordiasi workshop will be held at NCAR, Boulder, 21-22 October 2011.

Location is: Foothills Lab Building #2 (FL2), Room 1001
(see http://www2.ucar.edu/campus/map-ncar-ucar-building-locations)

Provisional Agenda follows.

Friday 21 October

13:30-13:40 EOL Director: opening

13:40-14:10: Philippe Cocquerez: The 2010 Concordiasi field campaign

14:10-14:40: Albert Hertzog: Gravity waves and ozone depletion as observed during Concordiasi

14:40-15:10: Linnea Avallone: Results from ozone sensors during Concordiasi

15:10-15:40: Terry Deshler: Microphysical measurements during Concordiasi

15:40-16:00: Refreshments

16:00-16:30: Jennifer Haase: preliminary results of radio-occulations from Super-pressure balloons

16:30-17:00: Terry Hock: Performance of the dropsonde system during Concordiasi

17:00-17:30: Alexis Doerenbecher: Efficiency of automatic strategies to deploy dropsondes during Concordiasi

18:00-: Dinner

Saturday 22 October

08:30: Coffee and continental breakfast

09:00-09:30: Junhong Wang: Co-located driftsonde soundings with satellite data, NWP analysis and climate reanalysis products

09:30-10:00: Jean-Noel Thepaut: General global model performance over the Southern Pole and Concordiasi data impact at ECMWF

10:00-10:20: Florence Rabier: Monitoring model quality from Concordiasi dropsondes, and data impact experiments

10:20-10:40: Refreshments

10:40-11:10: Rolf Langland: Impact of Concordiasi Observations- Adjoint-based evaluation in GEOS5 and NOGAPS

11:10-11:40: Andrew Tangborn: The assimilation of tracer information from super-pressure balloons

11:40-12:00: Vincent Guidard: Performance of cloud detection and IASI retrievals at high latitudes

12:00-12:30: General discussion

12:30-13:30: Lunch (provided)

13:30-13:50: Gianpaolo Balsamo: Impact of the modifications of surface properties in the ECMWF system

13:50-14:20: Eric Brun: Snow-atmosphere processes and coupling at Concordia

14:20-14:40: Dave Parsons: Plans for the use of CONCORDIASI data for the evaluation and improvement of weather and climate simulations over the Antarctic

14:40-15:00: Refreshments

15:00-15-20: Albert Hertzog: Presentation of Strateole 2

15:20-15:50: Joan Alexander: An international collaborative intercomparison of gravity wave momentum fluxes in global models and global data sets

15:50-17:00: General discussion