Changes in ECLIS with V6.0 and 6.1

runs on beaufix ; Arpege namelists may use keyword ’AUTO’ ; introduce micro-plugins, and coupled runs without Arpege

Article mis en ligne le 20 août 2013
dernière modification le 27 août 2013

par senesi

ECLIS V6.1 allows to run on machine Beaufix ; it introduces ’micro-plugins’, an easier way to tune the model run script, and also clarifies which Arpege namelist parameters are, or can be, handled by ECLIS ; it prepares for coupled runs without Arpege and/or without Nemo

This version will not be tested on M-F NEC machines ; it will be tested on IDRIS ada machine.

New features in V6.1 are :

  • Beaufix machine, with slurm job manager, is handled. See dedicated page for ECLIS features specific to this machine
  • A number of Arpege namelist parameters are forced by ECLIS, and some may be set by ECLIS. This allows to re-use the same namelist in various configurations (e.g coupled / non-coupled runs). See Note on Arpege namelists
  • The plugin mechanism which allows to tune the run script to your needs, has been extended in order to ease defining ’small’ tuning directly in the ECLIS "param_" file . See dedicated paragraph. Also, a new plugin section ’COMPUTE_EARLY_INIT’ was defined
  • You can complement Arpege restarts with Surfex fields also in non-coupled runs (this used to be true only for coupled runs). See ECLIS parameter ASCEXE
  • plugin atm_lbc_nudging now handles nudging files generated by Arpege ; see example eucordex_hist in directory $ECLIS/testing/beaufix
  • Period for Arpege FullPos post-processing may be specified as an ECLIS parameter, labeled NHH, when NFRPOS is set to AUTO in the namelist ; Surfex will use the same period as ARpege if SFXSTEPOUT is not set
  • Eclis now manages coupled runs without Arpege nor Nemo (e.g. Sfx + Trip, or Sfx + Trip + Nemo) ; this fetaure is however not yet fully tested
  • you have access to the elapsed time (in seconds) of the compute intensive part of your job (step02) in the listing : grep ^COMPUTE_ELAPSE *.o*

Internals and further details :

  • for improving ECLIS stability, a scheme for testing new versions of ECLIS on a number of simulation configurations has been devised ; the configurations are listed in e.g. $ECLIS/testing/beaufix/README
  • the directory used for running the model, when a permanent location is used, has been changed from $WORKDIR/rundirs/$EXPID to $FTDIR/RUNDIRS/$EXPID. Using a permanent location is now the controled by settings in $ECLIS/cm_environment. See also parameter KEEPTMP
  • The experiment install script now fetches namelists earlier in the process, to make some analysis of models configuration