Changes in ECLIS with V5.10.5 and 5.10.6

Handle ada@idris ; better handle Surfex V7.3

Article mis en ligne le 5 août 2013

par senesi

These versions introduce the handling of machine ada@idris, of GHG forcing without a , and of DrHook outputs ; they improve the handling of Surfex 7.3

New features

  • Adapt to machine
  • Lack of GHG forcing scenario is now well handled
  • DrHook outputs for 1st proc (if any) is copied in the Relance directory, for forced runs
  • Bash alias ’cde’ echoes $RELDIR and returns 0/1
  • The install script will do a ’set -x’ if $setx is set to 1

Fixes :

  • forcing setting when using CREDAS
  • logic in the diagnostic of active components (gives high priority to LATM, LCPL, LSFX ... (w.r.t. deducing from parameters set))
  • Surfex
    • catching XTSTEP_OUT in Surfex namelist
    • exclude Surfex restart from archived SFXPOST files
    • fix management of zipped Surfex restart (when ARCHIVING=DURING)
    • clean Surfex restarts on FTDIR
  • script_couple for missing $ for LOCEREST
  • change $CM to $ECLIS and $CM_MTOOL to $ECLIS_MTOOL in some scripts (instexp_funcs)
  • script_nemo : fix test for setting OPA_RESTART