Changes in ECLIS with V5.9

V5.9 improves file transfers and fixes a few bugs

Article mis en ligne le 12 novembre 2012

par senesi

ECLIS V5.9 improves file transfers by looping on failed transfers

Changes in ECLIS V5.9 are

  • Failed file transfers are detected by analyzing ftput/mfput output ; failed transfers are re-run up to three times
  • MAD12 geometry included in forcing files size check
  • Bugfixes :
    • For the standard name of Gelato restarts (erroneously included ’.nc’)
    • gzip of SFX files in script_force
    • default values for LOCEREST and LICEREST set to 0
    • handling on non-MPI binaries for Sfx and Nemo

Note : you may try to run old experiments (from V5.4 of ECLIS) with this version of ECLIS by

  • changing PROO in your ’_his file’
  • changing both CM and HOM_TOOL in your ’.conf’ file