ECLIS : the Environment for CLImate Simulations

Description of the set of scripts and tools used for running CNRM-CM

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ECLIS (Environment for CLImate Simulation) is the set of scripts and tools necessary to run CNRM-CM. It does not include tools for preparing initial nor boundary conditions.

Basically, running a param file allows to prepare an experiment and to start it. A param file sets a value for a number of environment variables, and then launches an Eclis script, ’install’, which will take care of everything. See How to make a simulation ?

Examples of parameter files can be found in directory /scratch/CMIP6/V2/param on prolix and beaufix

All Eclis scripts which are consistent together are gouped in an Eclis version directory. Version directories are available on beaufix and prolix at ~rigoudyg/eclis/current, and the higher the number, the better the version

ECLIS version numbering scheme share only the first digit with CNRM-CM version numbering scheme

Old versions are carefully kept in the same place for the users convenience : they can then redo or carry on an old simulation without any unexpected changes

You may wish to refer to the ECLIS versions history. Breaks in upward compatibility are documented here

Advanced use of ECLIS

The two next tips apply when the experiment parameter file ends (as in most examples) with source $INSTALLER $*

Iterating on install and test run
In development mode, you may have to repeat the experiment installation phase followed by a very short run for a quite large number of times ; in that case, you can save time and speed up the installation phase (except the first one) by skipping its longest part, namely getting the restarts and copying them on the archive machine ; just add argument -nrst when executing the parameter file

Unattended installing and running
You can easily install and run an experiment in non-interactive mode by execute its parameter file arguments :

  • -noask for avoiding being asked if a previous install should be erased
  • -go for launching the experiment at end of (successful) install phase

This is a way to create and launch an experiment at the end of a first one, when there is a logical dependency (e.g. the first experiment cretaes the restarts that are necessary for installing the 2nd one). See parameter EXP_END_CMD

Very advanced use

Advanced use may imply using a user-modified version of either the experiment installation script or the experiment run script. Using a personal run script can be simply done by quoting it full pathname in experiment parameter ’script’. By contrast, if you derive a personal installer script from the standard one, please note that the latter identifies an ECLIS reference directory (named ’ECLIS’) by looking at the environment and, if it fails, by using the installer script pathname. So, if your own installer script is not part of a copy of an ECLIS version directory, you should designate such a directory by setting the ECLIS variable either in your environment before invoking the installer, or as an experiment parameter (in param_ file). This ECLIS value will be recorded by the installer script in the experiment configuration file (’.conf’) and used at experiment run stage

Two words about ECLIS organization

An ECLIS version directory includes ; and a file cm_setup, which sets up the environment used by ECLIS which you should source from your .profile (if you use bash- otherwise see its comments) and which is launched automatically by the scripts when needed (see also this section)

It also contains sub-directories :

  • a version of tools ’relan’ and ’mtool’ which are consistent with the need of the main scripts of this version
  • scripts : a number of top-level scripts used in installing or running the simulations
  • plugins holds the code of the available plugins ;
  • toolbox : contains another series of auxiliary scripts

Some other sub-directories used to be maintained, but are yet obsolete ; they are :

  • param which provides useful examples of experiment parameter files ; rather look at /scratch/CMIP6/V2/param ; for details on parameters see Design a ’param_’ file
  • testing, which sub-directory tori includes parameter files for a very wide variety of experiment configurations ; they are provided for reference of the possible technical settings, but not as scientifically meaningful settings

ECLIS Source management

The scripts and other text files forming ECLIS are managed with ’git’. A read-only repository is available on beaufix at rigoudyg/eclis/new_dev. Contributions are welcome, even if not provided through a git repository

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