High Resolution Numerical Weather Prediction Project
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Memorandum of Understanding, Scientific plans and reports, Newsletters, PhD thesis, Publications in NWP specialized international journals with a reviewing committee, stay reports, ... but the ARPEGE/ALADIN/AROME documentation is available on the dedicated GMAPDOC website
For ARPEGE/ALADIN/AROME documentation, please consult
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Memorandum of Understanding
This section contains 5 articles
Scientific plans and reports
Medium-term research plans coincide with important events in the life of the project (the quasi-operational start of ALADIN PECO in 1994 and, (...)
This section contains 4 articles
Stay reports
This section contains 16 articles
PhD thesis
This section contains 3 articles
Besides the papers in NWP specialised international journals with a reviewing commitee, two historical papers present ALADIN : 1995 : Radnoti G., (...)
This section contains 2 articles

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