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After the first contact of the Hirlam Management Group in autumn 2003, many ALADIN-HIRLAM mesoscale collaboration events took place in 2004 : (...)
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Article published on 10 April 2017
dernière modification le 6 May 2019

by Patricia
ALADIN is a consortium of the European SRNWP Network Informations about the other consortia could be found on SRNWP webpages or on the websites (...)
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Article published on 12 January 2011
dernière modification le 5 May 2017

by Patricia
from ALADIN (Aire Limitée Adaptation dynamique Développment INternational) to ALADIN-2 (AROME Limited Area Decentralized International Network) (...)
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Article published on 2005
dernière modification le 20 November 2008

by Patricia
Following the conclusions of the working group’s meeting in Ston-Dubrovnik (Croatia - 19.04.2002) and of the WMO meeting in Pretoria (RSA - (...)
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Article published on 2003
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by Patricia
An agreement between ECMWF and MÉTÉO-FRANCE for the access and use of the jointly developed and maintened NWP software "IFS/ARPEGE" was signed in (...)
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Article published on 16 December 1998
dernière modification le 12 December 2016

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