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General Assembly, PAC and "Bureau" meetings, ALADIN meetings (joint with HIRLAM ASM from 2006), Training Courses, HIRLAM-ALADIN-AAA workshops , LTM meetings, EWGLAM meetings, SRNWP workshops ... and Meetings’ museum
Access to the Meetings’ museum : all above meetings with direct links to the correspondent pages
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(General) Assembly of ALADIN Partners
This section contains 27 articles
ALADIN annual workshops (joint with HIRLAM ASM from 2007)
Until 2001, two-day workshops were organized twice a year : one about scientific development and another more operational oriented. Only minutes (...)
This section contains 20 articles
ALADIN Local Team Managers (LTM) meetings
This section contains 1 article
This section contains 9 articles
Scientific Management Meetings
This section contains 8 articles
Training courses, Seminars and Workshops
This section contains 11 articles
EWGLAM/SRNWP meetings and workshops
See also the SRNWP webpages
This section contains 3 articles
This section contains 1 sub-section

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