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During an ALADIN informal meeting besides the EWGLAM/SRNWP (Sinaia, October 1995), the need of an ALADIN Newsletter appeared. On the 21st of November 1995, the ALADIN Newsletter 0 was born. Since (...)
Article published on 16 February 2000
In 1996, the evolutions of the ALADIN project made it necessary to get a minimum of formalization around the project in order to keep it as successful as it had been during the first five years. (...)
Article published on 12 September 1999
An agreement between ECMWF and MÉTÉO-FRANCE for the access and use of the jointly developed and maintened NWP software "IFS/ARPEGE" was signed in 1998. The reference to this software agreement (...)
Article published on 16 December 1998
On 16/11/1990, A. Lebeau, Director of Météo-France, made an offer of collaboration in the field of NWP to his five Central and Eastern European Colleagues at the occasion of their visit in Paris (...)
Article published on 16 November 1996
In January 1993, the Commission of the European Communities selected the pre-operational work on ALADIN as one of the subjects financed under the so-called PECO action, in a competitive context (...)
Article published on 27 August 1996